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iPhone 6s Unexpectedly Shuts Down? Apple Might Have a Fix!

Has your iPhone 6s randomly shut itself off for no obvious reason? Typically this happens when the iPhone 6s still has battery power available, but the device dies and powers down anyway. If this has happened to your iPhone 6s, it may be due to a battery failure and Apple might replace it for free. … Read More

Won’t get fooled again: Apple places unexpectedly large order for iPhone 6s

After leaving customers hanging when it came to quickly fulfilling early iPhone 6 and Apple Watch orders, Apple’s reportedly taking no chances with the iPhone 6s. According to Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves, Apple has upped its order volume for the…Read more ›

Apple Updates iPhoto To Version 9.2.1 Fixes Unexpectedly Quitting Bug

Apple has released an update to iPhoto bring it to version 9.2.1. This update primarily addresses the complaints about iPhoto quitting unexpectedly thatweve received from Cult of Mac readers. The update is available now via Software Update on your Mac. Check out the complete details about iPhoto after the break.   Per Apple: Whats New in iPhoto 9.2.1 Addresses an issue that could cause iPhoto to quit unexpectedly on  [Read More…]