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China Unicom Sees 100,000 iPhone 5 Pre-Orders On First Day

Looks like the iPhone 5 will be popular in China, too.

China Unicom, China’s second-largest mobile carrier, began accepting iPhone 5 pre-orders on Monday ahead of the handset’s December 14 launch. And during the first day alone, it saw more than 100,000 orders placed online. Apple devices have become hugely popular in China, and it seems the iPhone 5 will be no exception.

China Unicom didn’t request any money from customers placing  [Read More…]

Free iPhone 4S from China Unicom with 2-Year Contract

The iPhone 4S is about to conquer China. As�reported�on Wednesday, Apple plans to unleash its new smartphone in China (the world’s largest mobile community) next Friday, January 13th. And given the operator’s sweet promotion, there’s an excellent possibility that the market share Apple wants to capture in China will soon become a reality. According to a report this morning from Bloomberg, Chinese customers willing to pay a $45 monthly fee under a two-year contract will get  [Read More…]

Report: China Unicom To Sell iPhone 4S By Christmas

The iPhone 4S has finally been approved by Chinese regulators. Apple�s newest device today received its network approval, paving the way for carrier China Unicom to begin offering the smartphone in time for Christmas. China Unicom, Apple�s sole carrier partner in the Asian country, told Chinese news site Sohu.com that training, testing and sales preparations are already complete. The company expects to sell the iPhone 4S without a  [Read More…]

China Unicom to Offer Apple’s iPhone 4S ‘Imminently’

China Unicom will finally be authorized to carry Apple’s new iPhone 4S in the coming days, according to published reports Wednesday. The device has been given the blessing by Chinese officials after passing stringent “wireless regulatory tests.” Prominent Asian-based publication MIC Gadget says China Unicom “is prepared to introduce the iPhone 4S and is only waiting for its network access certificate from authorities.” More specifically, China Unicom�s sales executive Yu Yingtao said: �We will start sales  [Read More…]