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Educator behind $1.3 billion iPad deal should go to ‘teacher jail,’ says union

Los Angeles teachers union president Alex Caputo-Pear has called for L.A. Schools chief John Deasy – the man who helped orchestrate the ill-fated $ 1.3 billion tech deal designed to give an iPad to every student – to report to “teacher jail” while the program…Read more ›

Union, The Best Image-Blending App Around

You might as well delete all the layer-blending apps on your iPhone or iPad right now, becasue Union is better than all of them. It comes from Pixite apps, the developer behind Unbound, LoryStrips, Flickring, Tangent and more, and it…Read more ›

Add Zen To Your Workspace With The Native Union POP Desk And Clic Wooden iPhone Case #BlackFriday [Deals]

In this increasingly noisy, digital age – simple is the new style. That’s what Native Union had in mind with the POP Desk – a handset and custom-designed stand to hold your smartphone. The large, classic style of the handset…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Distil Union Now Selling A Not-So-Minimal Wally iPhone Wallet-Case

distil-union-wally-iphone-5-1  Maybe Distil Union’s ultra-minimal Wally iPhone “case” was a little too minimal for some, because the design outfit has come out with a more conventional case-wallet. While the original Wally is a minimal strip of leather that uses a super-tacky sticky adhesive to attach to the back of an iPhone 4/5, the new Wally […]

The post Distil Union Now Selling A Not-So-Minimal Wally iPhone Wallet-Case appeared first on Cult  [Read More…]

Native Union Switch Speaker Has A Really Big Knob

Another day, another awesome-looking Bluetooth speaker WHICH I TOTALLY WANT. Today’s chunky rectangle of wireless audio goodness is the Switch from Native Union, and it has one distinguishing feature: a big round volume knob on one end.

That knob can be on the side or the top of the speaker, depending on whether you use it flat on on it’s end (the Jambox also works great placed upright like this: it’s how  [Read More…]

Tim Cook Will Sit Next To Michelle Obama During State Of The Union Address Tomorrow


Apple CEO Tim Cook will be rubbing shoulders with the Obama family at the U.S. State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 12th. First Lady Michelle Obama has apparently invited Cook to sit in her box while President Barack Obama gives his speech.

Cook “will be joined by military families, those championing immigration reform and those whose lives have been touched by gun violence,” according to the San Jose Mercury  [Read More…]

Steve Jobss Widow Laurene Powell Will Attend Tonights State Of The Union Address

It is common for the President of the United States to honor American heroes by inviting them to the annual State of the Union address. No surprise, then, that President Obama is tipping his hat to the legacy of Apple founder Steve Jobs at tonights State of the Union address by inviting Jobss widow Laurene Powell Jobs to share First Lady Michelle Obamas box at the event. The event is  [Read More…]

European Union Investigating Apple and Other Publishers for E-Book Price Fixing

The European Union is investigating whether Apple and five other book publishers engaged in anticompetitive practices in the e-book market. The Euro Commission is investigating alleged illegal pricing agreements between publishers restricting competition. The investigation is looking at Apple, Hachette Livre, Penguin, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, and Verlasgsgruppe Georg Von Holzbrinck. And no, I did not just make that last name up. The investigation stems from earlier this year when the commission conducted   [Read More…]

Apple Requiring Union Training For Retail Managers

Apple Store at NYC’s 5th Ave. (Photo by Phil Photostream – http://flic.kr/p/8S9RCu)

Cue up the Norma Rae theme music. Apple is about to go up against the unions. Well, not quite. The tech giant is starting mandatory training for retail store managers that includes the legal dos and dont of dealing with unions. The training comes as Apple marks the 10th anniversary of its retail stores, now numbering 357 worldwide.  [Read More…]

Union Boss Blasts ‘Unpatriotic’ Apple, Says President Obama Should ‘Attack’ It

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union President Jim Hoffa has some tough words for both Apple and US President Barack Obama. According to Hoffa, Apple is “unpatriotic” for investing more of its vast reserves of cash into China than in the US. Hoffa adds that President Obama should do something about it. No specific instructions, however, were given by Hoffa other than to say Obama should “attack” companies that behave the way Apple does. In the  [Read More…]