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Apple University professor could buy a lot of iPhones on $1.7m salary

Like everything else Apple does, its top-notch Apple University internal business training center doesn’t exactly scrimp when it comes to paying its employees. According to a new report, Apple University faculty member James Phills — formerly a professor at Stanford University and Yale School of Management — makes upwards of $ 1.7 million per year teaching business […]

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Tim Cook joins Duke University Board of Trustees

Tim Cook has been appointed to a six-year term at the Duke University Board of Trustees, the school announced today. Cook joins alongside Coca-Cola Foundation Chairwoman Lisa Borders, PRM Advisors founder Patricia Morton, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and ValueAct Capital…Read more ›

University adds dedicated texting lane for students on the move

You know mobile devices have hit a certain critical mass when universities start adding walking lanes designed to stop texters from accidentally colliding with non-texters. That’s exactly what happened to a staircase at Utah Valley University’s Student Life and Wellness…Read more ›

Drexel University invented an iPad vending machine for students

Drexel won our hearts two years ago with its invention of a MacBook vending machine for students. Now the university is taking its tech to the next level with a vending machine that spits out iPads. The vending machine isn’t…Read more ›

Tim Cook to give 2015 commencement address at George Washington University

On May 17th, Tim Cook will be giving the commencement address to the 2015 graduating class of George Washington University. It will be the Apple CEO’s first time giving such a speech, and he will also be awarded a honorary…Read more ›

Fake university uses Apple Store pics to lure unsuspecting students

Move over Xiaomi! While it’s easy to claim that China’s biggest smartphone upstart holds the crown for boldest Apple ripoff artist, Xiaomi has nothing on the Suwen University of Hong Kong. If you haven’t heard of Suwen University, don’t worry:…Read more ›

A rare peek inside Apple University, or how to think like Steve Jobs

How will the culture Steve Jobs cultivated at Apple continue to live on after his death? That was the main question being asked when Jobs lost the battle to cancer in 2011. Part of the answer is a program Jobs…Read more ›

Apple Promotions: New Heads of HR and Apple University

  Apple announced this morning that it has promoted Denise Young Smith to lead its human resources worldwide for the company. Smith has been working as Apple’s chief of human resources for retail operations, but will replace Joel Podolny, who’s…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Boston University Files “Bombshell” Lawsuit Against Apple

Boston-UniversitySuing Apple for patent infringement is so de rigeur right now that even colleges are getting in on the action: Boston University has just sued Apple for infringing upon one of their 1997 patents. According to The Boston Herald, a new “bombshell” lawsuit filed yesterday in the Massachusetts District Court claims that Apple is infringing […]

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Photojojo University Schools You On iPhoneography

What if you could go to university and learn the basics of photography for just $ 5? And what if that university specialized in the camera you actually have: the iPhone? If that prospect gets you jazzed, then welcome to Photojojo University’s Phoneography 101, a course that’ll learn ya to take pictures more better.

The $ 5 course lasts for four weeks, with two lessons per week (that makes 8!). The lessons  [Read More…]