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FBI unlikely to tell Apple how it cracked San Bernardino iPhone

The Department of Justice is unlikely to reveal to Apple exactly how it was able to hack the locked iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters, according to a federal law enforcement official. The FBI reportedly paid Israeli tech security firm Cellebrite $ 15,000 for its assistance in coming up with a way to get around the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Stopping bullets with silk was this priest’s unlikely calling

Casimir Zeglen was truly a man of the cloth. He was a Catholic priest — with an obsession for silk underwear — but the pleasure he got from silk touching skin was because it stopped bullets.  The Chicago priest is…Read more ›

Stolen iPhone leads blogger to China, stardom and unlikely bromance

Matt Stopera had his iPhone stolen last February from his favorite bar in New York City. Like most of us, he was upset, but not overly so. Matt got a new phone and went about his life. A year later,…Read more ›

Unlikely rumor claims Apple will bring back the 4-inch iPhone for 2015

Many people haven’t even gotten their iPhone 6 devices yet, and already the rumors are starting up about what Apple has planned for its next generation handsets. One slightly sketchy rumor, citing sources in the Apple supply chain in China, suggests…Read more ›

Vietnam War photos leave haunting impressions on artist’s unlikely canvas

The coiled hose left a mark on the grass, a fading of color where the sun could not shine. From this moment on his front lawn, Binh Danh realized he could create a photographic process using sunlight, leaves and grass.…Read more ›

Elon Musk Says Apple Acquisition Of Tesla ‘Very Unlikely’

Tesla’s stock soared earlier this week when rumors surfaced that Apple and Tesla executives had talks about the iPhone giant acquiring the electric car maker. Apple considered making an iCar before inventing the iPhone, and they’ve lost prized engineers to…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Meet the iPads Unlikely Cheerleader: SAP CIO Oliver Bussman

SAP’s Bussman and his iPad at Appnation Enterprise. @Cultofmac.

Oliver Bussman, CIO of SAP, makes an unlikely cheerleader for Apples iPad but one who is bound to get noticed. (If youre now picturing him in a varsity sweater shaking pom-poms, sorry). But Bussman is unabashedly enthusiastic about Apples magical tablet computer. SAP deployed some 14,000 iPads to employees last year, making the stodgy German business management software colossal the  [Read More…]

Apple Unlikely to Knock Galaxy Tab 10.1N Out of Germany

Photo by mikemccaffrey – http://flic.kr/p/71Hju4

Apple is unlikely to convince German courts to block sales of Samsungs newly-revised Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet. Thats the opinion of one report, citing comments that the device has moved sufficiently from the legally protected design. In this instance, looks are everything and the South Korean company appears to have dodged a legal bullet using cosmetic sleight of hand. The Galaxy 10.1N is a response  [Read More…]

Apple Told To Stop Selling Products In Germany Within Two Weeks But Apples Unlikely To Comply

Apple’s Munich Store Photo by Vokabre – http://flic.kr/p/6SoES8

Despite a preliminary injunction granted Motorola Mobility on Friday, Apple continues to sell products in Germany. The tech giant has a two-week window until it must argue why a courts default judgement should be reversed, averting the possible stop of retail and online sales in the nation. Fridays injunction was a default judgement due to the company not responding to Motorolas allegations  [Read More…]

Warning: Paranoid Researchers Discover Highly Unlikely Keylogger Attack Using iPhone Accelerometer

A research team from theGeorgiaInstitute of Technology claims to have discovered a keyboard keylogger attack that is performed using an iPhones accelerometer. However, the situation has to be so precise and is so unlikely that if youre a victim of this attack you really are one of the unluckiest people on the planet. Okay, so maybe it wasnt fair to call them paranoid researchers, but this is how  [Read More…]