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FBI reveals unlocking tool doesn’t work on iPhone 5s and higher

The iPhone unlocking tool used by the FBI to unlock the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone 5c can only be used on “a narrow slice phones” the agency admitted. FBI Director James Comey revealed that litigation between Apple and the federal government has ended, but the tool the agency purchased to unlock the device does not […]

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Apple patent puts a twist on facial recognition unlocking

Apple is looking to up its selfie game in a new patent awarded to the company by the United States Patent and Trademark Offices today. The new patent would allow iPhone and iPad users to unlock their devices by simply…Read more ›

President Obama makes smartphone unlocking legal again

A new smartphone unlocking bill has made its way through the Senate and House of Representatives, and now it’s getting the seal approval from President Obama. Today The White House announced that Obama will sign the “Unlocking Consumer Choice and…Read more ›

Unlocking your iPhone is finally going to be legal in the U.S.

Today the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill that lets customers legally unlock their cell phones and switch carriers. The same bill was passed in the Senate last week, and now President Obama is expected to sign it…Read more ›

Apple Tries To Patent Android’s Gestural Unlocking System

One of Apple’s most famous patents is slide-to-unlock, a method of waking up a touchscreen smartphone that has proven to be one of the most valuable in Apple’s arsenal. Now, Apple is trying to patent a similar system that would…Read more ›

The Obama Administration Has Been Secretly Moving To Make iPhone Unlocking Illegal

It was only six months ago that the White House officially went on record saying that they thought cell phone unlocking should be legalized. The statement was issued in response to a 114,000+ signature petition, which rightfully argued that if…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Unlock iPhone in 30 Minutes: Unlocking is Faster than Ever with AT&T

Fast unlocking an iPhone through AT&T for free Unlocking an iPhone through AT&T is now lightning fast, and in some cases you’ll have an unlocked iPhone in under 30 minutes. I recently had the chance to experience this directly while writing this article on checking the unlock status of devices, and was impressively surprised by the result. From filling out the initial unlock request form to the confirmation email completing the  [Read More…]

U.S. Senators Introduce New Bill To Make Cellphone Unlocking Legal Again


A group of U.S. Senators have introduced a new bill that will allow cellphone owners to legally unlock their devices again after their contract has expired.

Called the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, and backed by Al Franken and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the bill would reverse a Library of Congress ruling from October 2012 that deemed cellphone unlocking illegal unless the process was performed by a carrier.

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U.S. Senator Proposes Bill To Make Cellphone Unlocking Legal Again

illegal iPhone unlock

As of January 26th, it is now illegal for you to unlock your smartphone if you want to use it on another network. Carrier unlocking has been legal in the U.S. for years, but in October the Library of Congress ruled that unauthorized unlocking is a crime.

The Obama Administration has already voiced its opinion that citizens should be allowed to unlock their smartphones without risking criminal penalties, and a senator  [Read More…]

White House Says Cell Phone Unlocking Should Be Legalized


Last month a petition was created on the White House’s We The People website that demanded the White House ask Congress to rescind its decision to make unlocking cellphones illegal.

After 114,000 signatures were collected on the petition, the White House invited experts on telecommunications, technology  and copyright to come over to the White House and talk about the issue.

The official White House response was issued today stating that the Obama  [Read More…]