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How Force Touch unlocks the power of your Apple Watch

Early adopters of the Apple Watch are still exploring the new wearable to discover all of its hidden functionality. The newest and least obvious feature in Apple’s newest device is Force Touch, which lets you change some settings by pressing…Read more ›

Apple unlocks iOS betas for everyone, not just developers

For the first time, Apple has made it possible for those without an App Store developer membership to use iOS betas. Anyone can legitimately download and install today’s iOS 8.3 beta by joining Apple’s official Beta Testing Program. OS X…Read more ›

Day One for iOS 8 unlocks your journal with Touch ID and Extensibility

With Apple now accepting iOS 8 apps in the App Store, more third-party developers are starting to show off their use of Extensibility and Touch ID integration. Day One, an app that won a coveted Apple Design Award at WWDC…Read more ›

App for Martian Watches Unlocks More Promised Potential Like Camera Mode, Twitter Mentions



Hold the phone! Or, rather — don’t. Martian Watch models see much of its promised potential unlocked With the launch today of iOS and Android apps, just ahead of their estimated ship date(s).

The app finally adds two major features to the watches — remote camera control and social media updates — along with a few smaller ones.

Camera Mode allows one of the buttons on a Martian Watch  [Read More…]

New Tweak Unlocks The Hidden Topography Mode In Google Maps For iPhone [Jailbreak]

Open the Apple Maps app in iOS 6, tap the bottom right page curl, and enable Satellite view. All of a sudden whatever you’re looking at will be filled in with realistic details like grass, pavement, and buildings. The Google Maps for iPhone app is capable of displaying satellite imagery as well, but Google has also baked a hidden topography mode into the app.

Thanks to jailbreak  [Read More…]

MuscleNerd Explains Evolution of the iPhone Baseband and Unlocks at Hack in The Box 2012

In the video above MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team explains the evolution of iPhone baseband and Unlocks since the phones inception back in 2007. The audio may be poor (ok it is surprisingly horrendous), but the subject matter is incredibly interesting. The 43 minute presentation contains a bevy of information, but the main points MuscleNerd covers include: Baseband ROP: Overview of the role ROP plays in software unlocks like yellowsn0w and ultrasn0w. Comparison to ROP on the main Application-side  [Read More…]

Remote IMEI Unlocks Now Available for iPhone

Click the image to open in full size. Reports have been trickling in the last few hours via my email, IMs, etc that there is a new remote unlocking via IMEI available for all GSM iPhones. There have been a few forum goers mention they can do it, which seems a bit shady (no actual business, no way to get money back other than trust, etc). By far the most reputable we’ve seen though  [Read More…]