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This simple Lightning dock solution would help avoid unnecessary breakages

Apple started selling its brand new official Lightning connector dock earlier this year. While it turned out to be a bit less fragile in reality than it looks on first glance, we can’t help but wish Apple had released the…Read more ›

Save your neck from unnecessary strains with Rain Design’s iRest for iPad [Deals]

The iPad revolutionized the way we read books, surf the web, and use apps. As great as the iPad is, it can also be difficult to multitask with one, not to mention the hand and neck strain from holding your…Read more ›

Check Out Block Legend’s Fantastically Unnecessary Dubstep Game Trailer [Video]

New retro-styled JRPG puzzle game Block Legend made it to the App Store today — and it’s accompanied by the most entertaining game trailer we’ve seen in ages. Inviting players to travel through a range of different lands fighting monsters…Read more ›    [Read More…]