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Amazon’s unsold Fire Phones are costing it $170 million

During its earnings call yesterday Amazon gave some clues about just how spectacularly its Fire Phone business is tanking — making it seem one of the worst tech ideas since the RMS Titanic shipped without lifeboats. How bad are we talking?…

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Verizon Owes Apple $14 Billion In Unsold iPhones

verizon-is-working-on-a-way-to-save-you-100-on-the-iphone-5Remember how desperate carriers were to get the iPhone on their networks? The billions Sprint and Verizon pledged to Apple in the hopes that they could promise a big enough order that Apple would have no choice but to give them the iPhone? Looks like the laugh is on them. In fact, this year alone, […]

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RIM To Eat $485M In Unsold PlayBook Tablets

PlayBook versus iPad (Photo by The GameWay – http://flic.kr/p/9p5XMz)

Trying to compete against Apple�s iPad can be costly � especially if you are RIM and your PlayBook tablet went from design to discount bin in record time. Today the Waterloo, Ontario company announced it will take a $ 485 million charge for a growing number of PlayBooks it just can�t sell.

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