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Amazon’s unsold Fire Phones are costing it $170 million

During its earnings call yesterday Amazon gave some clues about just how spectacularly its Fire Phone business is tanking — making it seem one of the worst tech ideas since the RMS Titanic shipped without lifeboats. How bad are we talking?…Read more ›

Verizon Owes Apple $14 Billion In Unsold iPhones

verizon-is-working-on-a-way-to-save-you-100-on-the-iphone-5Remember how desperate carriers were to get the iPhone on their networks? The billions Sprint and Verizon pledged to Apple in the hopes that they could promise a big enough order that Apple would have no choice but to give them the iPhone? Looks like the laugh is on them. In fact, this year alone, […]

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RIM To Eat $485M In Unsold PlayBook Tablets

PlayBook versus iPad (Photo by The GameWay – http://flic.kr/p/9p5XMz)

Trying to compete against Apples iPad can be costly especially if you are RIM and your PlayBook tablet went from design to discount bin in record time. Today the Waterloo, Ontario company announced it will take a $ 485 million charge for a growing number of PlayBooks it just cant sell. After months of watching PlayBook sales slip first to  [Read More…]