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Steve Jobs gave the iPhone its grand unveiling 8 years ago today

The iPhone has become such a major part of our existence, a piece of technology that we almost take for granted, that it’s difficult to remember a time when we were instead tapping away at our Moto Q, Palm Treo…Read more ›

Why the iWatch will likely be the iPhone’s sidekick at Sept 9th unveiling

Apple sent out press invites for its September 9th event earlier today, the date when the iPhone 6 and iWatch will reportedly be unveiled. Corroborating an earlier story by Recode, Bloomberg’s own sources are confirming that new iPhones and an Apple…Read more ›

Key Shareholder Carl Icahn Buys More Apple Stock Following iPhone 5c, 5s Unveiling

628x471Despite the fact that Apple’s stock value has taken a more than 5% dip since the company’s unveiling of the iPhone 5c and 5s yesterday, key shareholder and billionaire investor Carl Icahn has bought “quite a bit more” stock today. In an interview with CNBC, Icahn described AAPL as a “no-brainer” and repeatedly insisted that […]

The post Key Shareholder Carl Icahn Buys More Apple Stock Following iPhone 5c, 5s Unveiling  [Read More…]

Twitterrific Rises To Top Of App Store Charts Following iOS 7 Unveiling


There are a few popular apps that already look like they were designed for iOS 7. Twitterrific 5 by The Iconfactory is one such example. Months before Apple unveiled iOS 7, Twitterrific started using the general design aesthetic Apple has now implemented across the entire OS. It’s almost like the makers of Twitterrific knew what was coming.

Following the unveiling of iOS 7 and Apple releasing the software in beta form  [Read More…]

Tim Cook Leaning Toward iPhone 5 Unveiling at June’s WWDC?

For much of early 2011, speculation swirled that the next-gen iPhone – which would eventually debut as the iPhone 4S – could be unveiled at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference in June. As we quickly realized, however, Apple made WWDC all about iOS 5 and the world didn’t see any new hardware until October. Once again, a familiar scenario is taking shape. According to the insight from Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times, Tim Cook and company  [Read More…]

Acer Mimics Apple’s iCloud Presentation with Unveiling of AcerCloud

Seems like another consumer electronics manufacturer has unveiled a new service that appears to be something very similar to what Apple has unveiled before. Acer, the Taiwanese computer manufacturer seems to have unveiled a new service called AcerCloud that seems to be a quite similar to Apples iCloud service. The thing that makes this whole situation the most ironic is the presentation that Acer gave regarding their new cloud service. If you take a quick  [Read More…]

Media’s Initial Response to Original iPad Unveiling Left Jobs Depressed

The amount of information held within Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs apparently is astounding. Another portion of the biography leaked detailing how Jobs personally handled the negative backlash against the iPad immediately after its unveiling. For those who don’t remember, the iPad faced unmatched hype, coverage, and speculation leading up to the devices unveiling. Not since the iPhone had something been so eagerly anticipated. It seemed, to those that cared, to those that followed  [Read More…]

One Last Hurrah for Steve Jobs at iPhone 5 Unveiling?

On Wednesday, the tech community and world at large were rocked by news of Steve Jobs’ sudden resignation as chief executive officer of Apple, the financial juggernaut of a tech firm that he co-founded more than three decades ago. But as the investment, tech, and business worlds all absorb the news of Jobs’ departure this morning, we continue to hear rumblings about what may be Steve Jobs’ next public appearance and, perhaps, his last hurrah  [Read More…]

Apple Sends Out Invites to March 2nd iPad 2 Unveiling

Click the image to open in full size. Following Tuesday’s unconfirmed reports of a possible March 2nd Apple media event, on Wednesday Apple began sending out invites to the event scheduled for 10:00 am at Apple’s beloved stomping grounds of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California. As clearly indicated by the graphic art emblazoned on the invitation, the March 2nd event will yield our first official look at the  [Read More…]