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Google Drive Update For iOS Adds +1 To Collaboration


Google has just updated their official Drive app for iOS, making it easier to navigate between documents and collaborate with others upon them. Not only can you now comment upon Google Drive documents within the app, you can quickly swipe through images.

The beef of the update is obviously the new commenting feature. One of Google Drive’s biggest strengths is that it’s a bang-up collaboration environment, and the new commenting feature  [Read More…]

WordPress iOS App Gets Redesigned UI With 3.6 Update


WordPress just released a new update for its iOS app that is sure to make WordPress bloggers happy. The new app features a overhauled UI that makes it easier and faster to blog from your iPhone than before.

The new update ditches the single pane view for a multi-pane view that users can swipe between to access different areas of the app (kind of like the Facebook and Rdio apps). WordPress also  [Read More…]

Purported iPad 5 Front Panel Leaks With New Design [Update: Nope]


We already have a pretty good idea of what the fifth-generation iPad will look like, thanks to the many rumors and leaked parts that we’ve seen in recent months. And the latest, a purported front panel with a new design, reinforces those expectations.

Apple is expected to follow the iPad mini’s gorgeous form factor for the iPad 5, introducing thinner bezels down the sides of the display and a significantly thinner frame.  [Read More…]

New Pebble Update Brings Notification Improvements, UI Tweaks & More


The Pebble smartwatch has just received a new software update that makes a number of improvements to notifications, tweaks the device’s user interface, and fixes numerous bugs. It also adds a new watch face called Simplicity.

Here’s the complete list of changes with PebbleOS version 1.11:

What’s New

Improved Notification UI Allows multiple notifications to be viewed if they arrive within a short time frame Improved Set Time UI Added the option  [Read More…]

Real Racing 3 Dubai Autodrome Update Live Now With Host Of Lexus and Dodge Racers


Real Racing 3, the free-to-play racing game from EA and Firemonkeys, has a new update that is now live in both the App Store and Google Play for iOS and supported Android devices.

The update brings a new Middle Eastern track, the Dubai Autodrome, to twilight and daytime races with six new track layouts. Lexus is now represented in the game, allowing you to test your racing skills with the Lexus IS-F  [Read More…]

New Real Racing 3 Update Will Bring Dubai Autodrome, New Cars & Events


Real Racing 3 fans have yet more content to look forward to in a new update that promises a new track, new cars, and new events. EA announced the release, which will introduce twilight racing at the Dubai Autodrome, on the company’s official Facebook page.

The update will be “available soon” in the App Store, on Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore for Android. Check out its new trailer below:

Details regarding the  [Read More…]

John McCain And Tim Cook Share A Laugh: “Why Do I Keep Having To Update My Apps All The Time?”

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 12.13.37 PM

John McCain ended his grilling of Apple CEO Tim Cook at today’s Senate Sub-Committee Hearing to Examine Offshore Profit Shifting and Tax Avoidance by Apple Inc. with a nice little joke.

“Sir, there’s only one thing I wanted to ask you today: why do I keep on having to update all the apps on my iPhone? Can’t you guys fix that already?”

“Sir,” Tim cook laughed. “We’re  [Read More…]

Walmart-Owned Vudu iOS App Update Now Includes Offline Viewing

Vudu Update

Walmart’s video on demand service, Vudu, just rolled out a new update for its iOS app. Version 2.0 of Vudu now lets you download videos from the service, and then watch them even if you’re offline. The player itself is streamlined, and Closed Captioning–already supported on the iPad version of the Vudu app–is now available on the iPhone, too.

Vudi is a Netflix-style video on demand service that is owned  [Read More…]

Angry Birds Seasons Update Brings 36 New Levels To Android & iOS


Rovio really does make its games a worthwhile investment. Angry Birds Seasons is almost two and a half years old now, and it has just received yet another 36 new levels — plus a new power-up — on Android and iOS. That’s not bad for a 99¢ game now, is it.

The update’s description reads:

Abra-Ca-Bacon! It’s a beautiful spring night, and the bad piggies have learned some magic tricks — and the first one  [Read More…]

Mid-2012 MacBook Air Firmware Update Released To Help You Crash Better

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 3.21.01 PM

If you have a mid-2012 MacBook Air, Apple has released a small firmware update that addresses “a storage firmware issue that, in rare cases, may cause a system to fail to recover from crash.”

The update itself is just 1.69MB, and can be downloaded here