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It’s fairly common for computer users to delay updating to major operating system releases, and though Mac owners tend to be a bit better at upgrading than Windows users, many are still running old versions of OS X. For some users there are good reasons for this, maybe lingering on outdated OS X versions like … Read More

For years now, Apple has been saying that it’s set-top box, the Apple TV, was a mere “hobby…” and Apple.com reflected that distinction, listing the Apple TV as an accessory, and not a product worthy of its own Apple Store… Read more ›     

  QuickerTech’s pitch for its 802.11AC USB Transceiver is a good one in this wasteful age of needless upgrades: instead of tossing out your perfectly good old Mac just to buy one that is only marginally better just because it… Read more ›     

Google Glass Owners Get Free Upgrade

If you’re a Google Glass Explorer who paid $ 1,500 to get your hands on the device early, then you can expect to receive an email from Google inviting you to upgrade to the latest model free of charge. The design… Read more ›     

Thinking about upgrading your old iPad to an iPad Air, or a new iPad mini with Retina display? Well, Target wants to help. The retailer is now offering customers at least $ 200 in store credit when they trade in any…

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No, that was just a mistake. Oops.Some lucky folks at Verizon were recently able to upgrade to a new phone without losing their unlimited data plan. Color us totally jealous. This was the result of a glitch, said Verizon, and not a change in policy like some may have mistakenly hoped for. Verizon told AllThingsD on Monday that it would, however, […]

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How to Install / Upgrade iOS 7 Manually with IPSW

Update to iOS 7 manually with IPSW

The simplest way to install iOS 7 is with OTA update available in Settings directly on the device, but it doesn’t always work for everyone, particularly right now as Apple’s servers are overloaded. Also, many users trying to use the OTA update are encountering an annoying error that says “This update cannot be installed because it requires at least 3.1GB of storage.†or a “Software  [Read More...]

Sprint_One_Up_610x289Taking their sweet time about it, Sprint will be following the likes of Verizon Edge, AT&T Next and T-Mobile Jump with an annual update plan all of their own. The plan is called One Up, and it will be available on Sprint the same day the iPhone 5S/5C go on sale: September 20th. According to […]

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iPhone 5SI watched the Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c special event yesterday. I went in skeptical, not planning on wanting any of the new iPhones. I never upgraded to an iPhone 4S, so why would I want a 5s? Turns out, I kind of do. I want a better camera. I want Touch ID and […]

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AT&T_logoAT&T announced today that it will rollout its own yearly upgrade program, in what seems to be a direct response to T-Mobile’s new ‘Jump’ program that was announced last week. The new service, dubbed ‘AT&T Next,’ will begin nationwide on July 26th. Customers will be able to get a new smartphone or tablet every year [...]

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