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Apple vs. Google: Which has the upper hand in innovation?

To succeed in tech, you must be a master of innovation. No two companies understand this better than Apple and Google, which have become kings of the industry thanks to a string of incredible ideas that have shaped the technology we…Read more ›

Peek inside the just-opened Apple Store Upper East Side

A New York building that once housed a bank has been transformed into a pristine Apple boutique. The Apple Store Upper East Side opened Saturday morning, giving a swarm of shoppers a chance to try on an Apple Watch in…Read more ›

Upper East Side Apple Store will open June 13

If you’re in and about New York after June 13 you’ll have an extra Apple Store to check out, since that marks the date when Apple will open its new retail location on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Signage was put up overnight,…Read more ›

Upper East Siders snub their noses at Apple Store

Most neighborhoods would kill for an Apple Store, but if you’re an elitist living in New York City’s Upper East Side, the thought of Apple fanboys camping out near your five-story townhouse is just absolutely horrid. Residents and businesses of…Read more ›

Moving on up: Apple plans new store on Upper East Side

Apple plans to add another iconic location to its list of NYC real estate properties, according to a new report from Gary Allen at Ifo Apple Store. The newest store location will be at a magnificent former bank building on…Read more ›

Apple’s Upper Ranks Dominated By White Males, Say Shareholders

Apple has too many white men in its upper ranks, say shareholders who are pressuring the company to add more female and minority directors to its board. In response, Apple has added new language to its board charter claiming that…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Convert Upper Case to Lower Case Text (and Vice Versa)

Convert Upper Case to Lower Case Text from Anywhere Few things are more annoying than reading text that is ALL IN UPPERCASE, but with the help of text transformation tools, we can instantly convert that obnoxious uppercase text into lowercase (or vice versa, if you really want to). For the purpose of this example, well use TextEdit. You can either do this with an existing document, or you can just paste  [Read More…]