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How to Open Website URLs from Anywhere on Mac with Spotlight

Need to open a website quickly on a Mac? You’re in luck, because you can open a website URL from just about anywhere on a Mac by using Spotlight. This is arguably the fastest way to get to a website by URL, aside from launching a website bookmark from the Mac Dock anyway. You need … Read More

Mail Messages Now Have Linkable, Clickable URLs in iOS 7

urlmailI’d noticed that calendar events created from the iOS 7 Mail app now contain a clickable URL that links back to the original e-mail message, but what I didn’t know is just how rad this is. Federico “another espresso please” Viticci over at Mac Stories knows exactly how rad it is, though, because he dug […]

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Use Notes to Save Temporary Links & URL’s Without Adding to Bookmarks

If you’ve ever needed to gather a collection of website URL’s for later use, but didn’t want to bookmark everything or add them to Reading List, try tossing more ephemeral temporary links into an open note within the Notes app that is now bundled with Mac OS X. Not only will the links be synced between all your Macs, but they’ll also be sent across to your iOS devices too, allowing for simple and quick access to the temporary link  [Read More…]

Send URLs Right To Gmail App With This Mobile Safari Bookmark [iOS Tips]

Send to Gmail Bookmarklet

So, you’re surfing along on your iPhone or iPad and you want to email your buddy a fantastic new site that you’ve found. You hit the Share button, and then curse because it sends it to the default iOS Mail app. But you use the Gmail app! How will you fix this horrible, first-world problem? With a bookmark, of course.

Here’s how.

First, launch Safari, and load  [Read More…]

Apple Introduces New AppStore.com Short URLs That Get Super Bowl Debut


Apple has introduced new short URLs for the App Store, making links to iOS apps and games much simpler to remember, and easier to read. Like its short URLs for the iTunes Store, you can now tell which app you have been linked to before you’ve even clicked on it. The new system has already been put to good use, making its debut during a Super Bowl commercial for the Star  [Read More…]

Open URLs Quickly with QuickSafari

Ever wanted to look up a URL quickly without having to go into Safari and typing in the URL? The tediousness of just about anything where you have to leave what you’re doing to do another process can get on your nerves after a while. And in this case, searching URLs could be a potential tedious act for you. Since web browsing is a stable feature of any iDevice, cut yourself some time by using  [Read More…]