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[Review] Make Spotlight More Useful With Commands

Spotlight can be extremely pointless; but, no more! A good number of us don’t use Spotlight. Some of us wish that we could just get rid of it – leading to several jailbreak tweaks that disable the feature. But, now there is a way to make Spotlight on iOS more useful with a free jailbreak tweak that just landed in Cydia today called†CommandSpot†by iOS developer†coffeejay†which lets you invoke actions based on the command that you  [Read More…]

The Joby GorillaMobile Tripod for iPhone 4/S: One Useful Little Gadget [Review]

Joby gorillamobile4 As a photographer and podcaster, Iím a big Joby fan. Their tripods are generally high quality, incredibly flexible, and as functional as they are fun. The Joby GorillaMobile Tripod for the iPhone 4/4S ($ 40) is definitely worthy of much the same praise, but an issue I have with its build quality and price leave me with a raised eyebrow.   The Good: The GorillaMobile is incredibly flexible and allows you  [Read More…]

Useful 10 iPad Apps

There are some amazing Applications out there for your iPads and we would like to present you some of our favorites. 1. Movie Player. ( Also iPhone / iPod Touch useable ).cation to play unsupported Video Formats. It is easy to use. Just Copy them through iTunes into your iDevice. [Read More…]