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Your website is often the first interaction customers have with your brand, and effective user experience can boost sales, bolster conversion rates, and improve customer satisfaction. Don’t you owe it to yourself to know how to implement it? Well, that’s… Read more ›     

Two hugely important software security updates have been released for many Apple devices recently, and if you haven’t updated your software to the latest versions yet, you really should do it while you have some free time this weekend. Do this for all of your own Apple hardware, do this for your parents Macs, grandparents … Read More

Popular account manager and bill organizer app Manilla has received a significant update. Back by the Hearst Corporation, Manilla is designed to let you manage and share personal finances, household bills, subscriptions, healthcare account, and travel rewards — alongside acting… Read more ›     

How to Add a User to the Sudoers File in Mac OS X

Advanced users may need to add a user account to the sudoers file, which allows that user to run certain commands with root privileges. To greatly simplify what that means, these newly privileged user accounts will then be able to execute commands without getting permission denied errors or having to prefix a terminal command with … Read More

There are bound to be teething problems as Google Glass rolls out to users. Back in October last year, Cult of Android reported on the Glass user given a ticket for “driving with monitor visible to driver.†Now we have… Read more ›     

There was a time when one of the few parts of your Mac that you could upgrade was the CPU, but recently, Apple has phased out CPU upgradeability in favor of slimmer form factors with soldered-in silicon chips. One surprising… Read more ›     

It’s lacking the iPhone’s speaker slit, but otherwise all sources indicate that Darth Vader is an iOS user, most likely using either an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. The above selfie — which just appeared on the official Star Wars… Read more ›     

A Google Glass user in California may have become the first to get a ticket for using the wearable while driving. Cecilia Adabie was stopped by a Highway Patrol officer last night then summoned to the superior court for “driving…

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User Library folder in Mac OS X All of the latest versions of OS X have opted for a conservative approach to showing the users ~/Library/ directory, a folder which contains a variety of important files, settings, preferences, caches, and many specific files that are required for apps to run as intended. Because of the possibility of unintentional harm to a users Mac, OS X defaults to hiding that folder, with the  [Read More...]

Apple TV 6.0Friday, we reported that Apple TV was updated with a new v6.0 update, bringing with it features like AirPlay from iCloud and iTunes Radio. Today, however, Electronista reports that the update has been pulled. We’ve confirmed that the update is no longer available, as our un-updated Apple TV still says it has up to date […]

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