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How to Show All Drive Devices in Disk Utility for MacOS

You can adjust a setting in Disk Utility for Mac to see all device disks and drives connected to a Mac. This will make it so that you can view the containing drive (like “Apple SSD”) rather than simply the partition or volume that is accessible by the user facing part of the file system … Read More

Upgrade your Mac’s skillset with these utility apps [Deals]

Your Mac can do a lot right out of the box, but it can do more. A lot more. Look no further than these four premium apps for expanding the utility of your favorite computing machine. We’ve found big savings on apps for remaining distraction free while working, saving or working with online video, keeping […]

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Wind turbine promises to blow away your utility bills

You’ve spared no expense in creating a smart home. You bought smart lightbulbs, a smart TV and smart appliances. All that’s missing is a device that makes you look smart when the electric bill comes in the mail. The Agustsson brothers of Iceland may have figured out that part. They are the creators of Trinity, […]

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How & Why to Repair Disk Permissions in OS X with Disk Utility

Repairing Disk Permissions is a simple procedure that Mac users can run with the Disk Utility app or through the command line, and, as the name suggests, it repairs the permissions of various files on the target drive. Repairing permissions can be helpful when troubleshooting some fairly specific issues, or after installing or uninstalling a … Read More

How to Use the Port Scanner in Mac OS X’s Network Utility

Mac OS X comes with a bundled port scanner tool, just one of a variety of features tucked into the ever useful Network Utility app. That means you don’t need to bother with the command line or install more advanced tools like nmap to quickly scan for open ports on a given IP or domain, … Read More

Apple Updates AirPort Utility — Now With 64-Bit Support

In more welcome airport-related news than the reports that Apple’s Maps app steers people the wrong way across Fairbanks Airport taxiway, Apple has released an update (version 1.3.3) of its AirPort Utility — the app which allows you to manage…Read more ›

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Use Network Utility in OS X Mavericks

Network Utility in OS X Network Utility is a great tool that has been around on the Mac since the very first version of OS X. It provides a variety of helpful networking tools and details, the “Info” tab includes general network info on a per interface level showingIP address, MAC address, link speeds, and sent/received data transfer statistics, and you’ll also have easy GUI access to what are otherwise command  [Read More…]

1Password 4 For Mac Now Available With iCloud Sync, Shared Items, Menubar Utility

1P4 Mac iconBack in December of last year, AgileBits released version 4 of 1Password for iOS. A completely redesigned, streamlined interface was introduced along with a built-in browser and iCloud syncing. The app has supported Dropbox and WiFi syncing for years, but iCloud was a welcomed addition when using version 4 on multiple iOS devices. 1Password 4.0 […]

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Apple Updates AirPort Utility And Apple Store App With New iOS 7 Icons And UI

appstoreairport    Before making iOS 7 available to the public, Apple is updating some of its apps with the new iOS 7 look and feel. The Apple Store app and AirPort Utility just got new icons this morning, along with iOS 7 optimization and a refined user interface. As far as new features go, there […]

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Erase Free Space on a Mac Hard Drive with OS X Disk Utility to Prevent File Recovery

Use Disk Utility to erase free space on a Mac hard drive The Mac OS X Disk Utility app provides an ability to erase free space on traditional hard drives, which overwrites vacant disk space on the drive to prevent any potential recovery of deleted files (that is, files that have been removed traditionally, rather than through secure methods). For most users this is an unnecessary procedure, but if you plan  [Read More…]