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Kahney’s Korner: Treat yourself to an iPhone-free vacation

My family and I just got back from a too-short vacation in Italy, and we learned something important while we were there: Real vacations don’t have e-mail. See, my wife was worried about us racking up unspeakably high bills while we were abroad, so we ended up almost completely disabling our iPhones for the entire […][Read More…]

Vacation vicariously with these must-see summer travel films

Vacation films used to be something to fear. The blurry Super 8 home movie from the lake or the two-hour slide show of the neighbor’s trip to the Badlands would quickly put us to sleep (although we might have preferred death). But these days, anyone can shoot and edit their vacation films with cinematic flair […][Read More…]

Obama shuns Apple Music to share vacation playlists

“Welcome to Spotify, Mr. President,” tweeted the streaming music giant on Friday morning. That’s right: the President of the United States just shared two vacation playlists and he didn’t use Apple Music. The two music lists, titled “The President’s Summer Playlist: Day,” and “The President’s Summer Playlist: Night” contain 20 songs each, showing an eclectic […][Read More…]

Get your vacation on with the best of Apple Maps Flyover

The worst part about vacationing is coming back home and getting hit in the face with cold, hard reality. Excessive food consumption, relaxing atmospheres and sugary alcoholic beverages are out of your life and work is back in. But what…Read more ›

Thor’s giant schlong makes its debut in Vacation reboot

Rusty Griswold is all grown up in the upcoming reboot of classic comedy National Lampoon’s Vacation. If you’ve ever laughed out loud when someone says “prairie-doggin’,” you’ll love this new reboot just as much, what with it’s scatological and sexual…Read more ›

Thor’s giant shlong makes its debut in Vacation reboot

Rusty Griswold is all grown up in the upcoming reboot of classic comedy, National Lampoon’s Vacation, which originally starred Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Randy Quaid, and Anthony Michael Hall. If you’ve ever laughed out loud when someone says “prairie-doggin’,” you’ll…Read more ›

Need a vacation? Try a NASA Kepler exoplanet

The exoplanet known as Kepler-16b is a gas giant near the outer limits of the habitable zone, but why should that discourage you from paying it a visit? NASA has issued a set of three retro space-tourism posters to celebrate…Read more ›

AT&T Vacation Blackout Also Points To iPhone 5S, 5C Launch On September 20th

AT&T iPhoneYesterday it was revealed that T-Mobile isn’t letting its employees take vacation time on the weekend of September 20th. Vacation blackouts are usually how carriers get ready for a big iPhone launch, so it should come as no surprise that AT&T has reportedly done the same for the latter half of next month. BGR says […]

The post AT&T Vacation Blackout Also Points To iPhone 5S, 5C Launch On September  [Read More…]

AT&T Vacation Blackout Points To iPhone 5 September 21st Launch Date [Rumor]

If you needed any more confirmation that the next iPhone is launching during the second half of September, look no further. Verizon has put a vacation blackout in place for its employees starting September 21st, and now TechCrunch is reporting that AT&T has the same blackout in place from September 21st to the 30th.

Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone on September 12th with pre-orders beginning on the same  [Read More…]

iOS Bug Could Cost You A Fortune In Data Fees While Youre On Vacation

Were all familiar with how costly data can be on our iOS devices if were using them to get on the internet abroad with no access to a Wi-Fi hotspot. To prevent nasty charges, most of us turn off data roaming and avoid using our devices for the internet. However, theres a nasty bug in Apples iOS operating system that could cost you a fortune while youre on vacation by  [Read More…]