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Jony Ive will offer another peek behind Apple curtain at Vanity Fair Summit

Jony Ive seemed embarrassed when Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter started their interview by calling Ive the “greatest industrial designer in the world right now.” The Apple design guru closed his eyes, rubbed his head, and then provided a soft-spoken but enlightening 25-minute peek inside his head during 2014’s Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit. Wonder what […][Read More…]

Jony Ive accuses Xiamoi and others of idea ‘theft’ at Vanity Fair Summit

While some may see Xiamoi, Samsung, and other players in the smartphone race as iPhone copycats, Jony Ive sees it as downright “theft.” That was the clear takeaway from Ive’s interview at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit today. “I…Read more ›

Jony Ive Talks To Vanity Fair About The Essence Of Design And Making His Own Leica

A couple days ago we showed you a custom Leica camera designed by none other than Jony Ive. The camera will be auctioned to raise money for Bono’s Product (Red), a campaign Apple has partnered with for years to fight the spreading of H.I.V. in Africa (if you’ve ever bought a red iPod, you’ve helped contribute). […]

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Dial & Convert Vanity Phone Numbers Easily on the iPhone

You’re probably aware that iPhone will automatically detect phone numbers in web pages, allowing you to tap directly on a phone number and choose to call that number, send it a message, add it to Contacts, or to copy it to the clipboard. The tap-to-dial function is easily the quickest way to call a number found on the web:

Dial a number quickly with a tap and hold

But what  [Read More…]

Vanity Fair: Jonathan Ive, Tim Cook more influential than Lady Gaga

Your mom or tween daughter might not recognize them, but Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive are both more influential than Lady Gaga, according to Vanity Fair. The iconic Conde Nast mag just released its 2011 New Establishment list, and this year it is dominated by people who can still probably go to the mall without being asked for autographs. Ive and Cook took the number four spot in tandem holding  [Read More…]