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Real life becomes a vector with Adobe’s Shape CC

Quick – grab your iPhone and take a picture of something nearby — the remote control on your coffee table, a pair of Warby Parkers, anything, really. Now take that photo and turn it into a fully editable vector graphic…Read more ›

UI Designers, Get this Free iOS 8 Vector GUI Elements Kit

iOS 8 looks mostly similar to iOS 7, but there are enough interface changes to make it different, and there are actually many more subtle adjustments than most users may initially recognize. The developers and designers out there do notice that kind of thing though, and this excellent vector-based GUI element kit from the talented … Read More

Add To Your Design Arsenal With The Premium Vector Icon Bundle [Deals]

CoM - webbicon_mainframe_630x473It’s the little details that often matter more than you think, and that holds true when it comes to design. So when you’re creating a new work, why wouldn’t you want to have as many tools at your disposal to help you make those little details shine? That’s where this Cult of Mac Deals offer […]

The post Add To Your Design Arsenal With The Premium Vector Icon Bundle  [Read More…]

Streets Brings Google’s Vector Tiles And Street View To iPad

If you use Google’s maps app on your iPad, you’ll know that it kinda sucks. Search is great, and the fancy maps look ok, but the UI elements are comically big when blown up to fit the iPad screen, and they cover most of what you really want to see – the maps. And Street View isn’t much better.

Enter Streets 2.0, an update to – you guessed it – Streets, which brings  [Read More…]

Turn Pixelmator Into a Vector Graphics App with an Amazing Easter Egg

Pixelmator turned into Vectormator for creating vector graphics

We already know that Pixelmator is the best Photoshop alternative out there at a tiny fraction of the price, but version 2.2+ includes an incredible easter egg that turns Pixelmator into a full-fledged vector art app, a la Illustrator. Seriously, an entire vector graphics application is hidden within Pixelmator, and to access it all you need to do is hit the magic keystrokes:  [Read More…]

Take Your Design Game To A New Level With The Vector Collection Bundle [Deals]

CoM - VectoTrain

Are you a designer? New to the trade or simply wanting to add more creative juice to your arsenal?

We’ve got over 4,400 high-quality vector graphics on tap – plus an extra 100 stock photos – so if you’ve been hunting for some creative juices you’ve come to the right place. With this Cult of Mac Deals offer you’ll be able to create more eye-catching graphics and bring your  [Read More…]