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Apple must wait until 2016 for tax break verdict

Having previously said that he expected to receive the European Commission’s verdict on Apple’s Irish tax arrangements by Christmas, Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan now claims that an announcement is likely to be delayed util next year. The delay in the long-running investigation is the result of regulators asking for additional information from the Irish government, which will […]

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Apple-Samsung Trial: Staggering Rout Shown In Final Verdict Form

Apple won the patent infringement trial against Samsung and received a huge damages sum.

Apples victory in its patent trial against Samsung is already a few hours old but the shock of the damage tally is still hard to shake off. The final figure of $ 1,049,393,540.00 is a staggering rebuke of Samsungs design and manufacturing process and may force the company toward more original ideas.

The completed jury verdict form, released  [Read More…]

Apple-Samsung Trial: The Verdict Is In

The Apple-Samsung Trial has reached its conclusion. A few minutes ago, we received word the jury has completed the massive verdict form and are ready to announce the verdict.

We’ll keep you up to date as it happens. Check back here.


Apple-Samsung Trial Verdict: The Reactions

Apple has won a massive damages sum of nearly $ 1.05 Billion in the patent trial against Samsung and the reaction from the technology community has been vast and swift.

As expected, the two principals in the case immediately followed the shocking judgement with statements.

Apple spokeswoman Katie Cotton gave a statement to the NYTimes, saying the verdict reflected the values of innovation instilled deep in the company:

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Apple-Samsung Trial Verdict: Samsung Infringes Patents

UPDATE: The jury has found Samsung infringed several of Apple’s patents and is the clear loser in this trial. Damages have yet to be announced.

Here are the decisions:

– On the question of patentson the bounce-back technology featured in Galaxy line of smartphones immediately following the launch of the iPhone, Samsung is liable.

– On the question of pinch-and-zoom technologies, mostly based on one-and-two fingered control, the jury finds Samsung is guilty. Not all of the phones and tablets  [Read More…]

Apple-Samsung Trial: Insane Verdict Form Is Reason Alone for Verdict Delay

The Apple-Samsung Jury is thinking hard right about now.

The jury in the Apple-Samsung trial continues its deliberations for a third straight day and there are rumors it will reach a quick verdict resolution before the weekend. But you can forget it. The official jury verdict form forces jurors to consider hundreds of small decisions for each of the infringement claims at issue.

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First iPad Reviews In, Verdict: Impressive

The first reviews of the new iPad are in, and the likes of Walt Mossberg (All Things D) and company seem to be impressed. The Display: Everyone Loves It Mossberg called the new display, and LTE upgrades massive, and that the display was the most spectacular hed ever seen on a mobile device.” However, the glossy LCD (like all glossy LCDs) still causes problems for users trying to read in direct sunlight. David Pogue of  [Read More…]