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Verizon has announced that it will begin throttling customers still on an unlimited data plan beginning this fall. Until now, Verizon has only throttled 3G data usage, but the new policy will also apply to LTE usage in congested network areas. While Verizon won’t… Read more ›

Verizon’s upcoming Voice over LTE standard, or VoLTE (terrible acronym), will finally fix the biggest problem so many people have had with Verizon for years. VoLTE will bring enhanced call audio calling over LTE, which also means that you’ll finally be… Read more ›

No, that was just a mistake. Oops.Some lucky folks at Verizon were recently able to upgrade to a new phone without losing their unlimited data plan. Color us totally jealous. This was the result of a glitch, said Verizon, and not a change in policy like some may have mistakenly hoped for. Verizon told AllThingsD on Monday that it would, however, […]

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iphone_5c_apple_spread_4x3Over the past few years, Apple has always told people when they can start preording the next iPhone after it has been announced. This year, though, Apple is allowing preorders of only the iPhone 5C, and not allowing preorders of the iPhone 5S at all. And even on the iPhone 5C side of things, Apple […]

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verizon_communications_incVerizon has today announced that it has reached a deal to acquire Vodafone’s 45% stake in the company for £130 billion. The buyout consists primarily of cash and stock, and was unanimously approved by the board of directors of both Verizon and Vodafone. It’s expected to be completed in 2014 following regulatory approvals. The deal […]

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bd195c0f8ef115c3c63372c121f47634x-e1375370999868    Since the dawn of time, Verizon has dominated customer satisfaction rankings thanks to its network reliability and customer service. Sadly, the king has been overthrown as AT&T topped J.D. Power’s latest rankings for wireless care satisfaction for the first time ever. Not only did AT&T become the new king of the wireless-mountain, it [...]

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ObamaVerizon Wireless has turned to President Obama as it seeks intervention against an import on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 that is set to take affect in less than two weeks. The International Trade Commission ordered the ban back in June after finding that Apple’s older iOS devices infringed a patent owned by Samsung, [...]

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Verizon Keeps Growing And Growing Thanks To iPhone

verizon-iphone-screen-flickrConsensus right now is that iPhone growth is slowing, but that didn’t stop Verizon by growing iPhone activations by 44 percent in the last quarter, beating estimates of activated iPhones by as much as half a million. According to The Wall Street Journal, Q2 was another iPhone-centric quarter for Verizon, with the iPhone responsible for [...]

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Verizon Owes Apple $14 Billion In Unsold iPhones

verizon-is-working-on-a-way-to-save-you-100-on-the-iphone-5Remember how desperate carriers were to get the iPhone on their networks? The billions Sprint and Verizon pledged to Apple in the hopes that they could promise a big enough order that Apple would have no choice but to give them the iPhone? Looks like the laugh is on them. In fact, this year alone, [...]

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galaxy-nexus-verizon-650x432It’s no secret the the U.S. government enjoys taking certain liberties with citizens’ privacy by wiretapping cellphones, but did you know that each time Uncle Sam decides to peek in someone’s phone records they get a big bill from the carrier? AT&T charges the government a $325 “activation free” for each wiretap and then they [...]

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