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Versatile leather iPhone case lets you stow your earbuds [Reviews]

Touted as “the ultimate iPhone leather case” by its own creators, the Guardian Leather case for iPhone 6 and 6s is a new wallet-style accessory with a campaign that just launched on Indiegogo. It’s designed with various different functions in mind, but the focus on music takes the cake. You can control the volume from […]

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Versatile messenger bag fits all your stuff and more

Ever try to go from home to the gym to the office to the party in the same day? If you have, you’ll know that move requires a lot of carrying capacity, typically across several bags. Now try to do all that as an eco-warrior on a bicycle. You’ll want one big, waterproof bag that […][Read More…]

Man, I frikkin’ love this versatile folding bike by Brompton

The Brompton’s not a new bike. It’s not even new to me. But it is the best folding bike around, and it will change how you travel long distances, too. I’ve had mine ever since I recovered enough from a…Read more ›

The iSlider: A Portable, Versatile, And Stylish iPad Stand [Deals]

At Macworld/iWorld last year, I had the opportunity to get a look at The iSlider by Rain Design. After using it for a bit, the folks at Rain Design decided to let me have one to use for review purposes.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Now Studio Neat’s Glif iPhone Tripod Mount/Stand Is Even More Versatile

Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost formed Studio Neat after a successful Kickstarter campaign funded a simplistic iPhone tripod mount that conveniently doubled as a stand. That was back when the iPhone 4 was Apple’s latest. The smartphone landscape has changed quite…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Rolio Turns Your Lightning Cable Into A Versatile Wall-n-Desk Dock

Rolio before_afterTo paraphrase serial sheet-folder Jill Cooper, one of the biggest challenges you’re going to face in your life is to control your cables. And although there’s no Jill Cooper to teach you how fold your cables into a perfect bundle, there are now two new gadgets to make things a little easier. They’re called the […]

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Nimblstand Is A Versatile Keyboard Stand For Your iPad [Review]

nimblstand-1Nimblstand byNimblstand Category: Keyboard stands Works With:iPad, Apple Wireless Keyboard Price: $67 as tested The Nimblstand is an accessory for the Apple wireless keyboard, a kind of organizer and iPad stand which can be used on the desk or the lap. As such, it needs to be compared to the InCase Origami Workstation, the established […]

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The Boomerang Modular iPad Stand Is Very Versatile

If there’s one thing us iPad owners like as much as iPad cases, it’s iPad stands. And no wonder: without such a prop, the iPad can do little more than lay flat on the floor or table like a dead fish. Only unlike the poor fish, it won’t even entertain us by flapping desperately around […]

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Make Your iPad More Versatile With The 3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit [Deals]

CoM - Camera2

Tablets are pretty impressive, but they still can’t quite effectively replace a desktop or laptop computer. This Cult of Mac Deals offer makes your iPad that much more effective a replacement option.

This 3-in–1 adapter will help bridge the gap between tablet and fully functional computer. Most importantly, the 3-in–1 iPad adapter cuts out the middle man when uploading photos to your iPad, saving you a ton of time.  [Read More…]

Infuse: A Beautiful And Versatile Media Player For iPad And iPhone [Review]

Infuse player

When the VLC iOS app was pulled from the App Store in 2011, a little part of me died inside. I own a large collection of movies in different file formats, and VLC is my go-to media player for files that aren’t supported by QuickTime and iTunes. While there’s hope that VLC will return to the App Store, I’m not holding my breath. And I don’t really care anymore because I’ve  [Read More…]