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Two New iPad ‘Verse’ Commercials Running: Yaoband & Jason [Video]

Apple has started to air two new iPad commercials on TV, following in the same “Verse” theme that was introduced some time ago with the iPad Air. Both videos emphasize how the iPad and great apps supplement the activities and work of individuals, and are embedded below for easy viewing. Jason’s Verse iPad Ad “Jason’s … Read More

Apple features Detroit riders and Chinese DJs in new ‘Your Verse’ ads

Microsoft is arming its Surface marketing campaign with a heavy dose of Apple-hate, but Apple is continuing to take the opposite approach by highlighting the amazing things people do with their iPads. In the latest additions to the Your Verse campaign –…Read more ›

New ‘Light Verse’ And ‘Sound Verse’ iPad Air Ads Land On YouTube

Apple added two new videos ads to its YouTube channel this afternoon – ‘Light Verse’ and ‘Sound Verse’. The two ads have been running on TV for a couple days now and are pared down 30-second variants of their new…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Runs 2 New iPad Air TV Ads: “Light Verse” and “Sound Verse”

Apple has crafted two new iPad Air ads based upon the original “Your Verse Anthem” TV commercial that started running recently. The new commercials are 30 second spots, with different imagery that centers around a theme of either light or sound, both of which feature shorter voice narration from the 80′s movie Dead Poet’s Society. … Read More

New iPad Air Commercial Focuses on Creativity: “Your Verse Anthem” [Video]

iPad Air Your Verse Anthem commercial

Apple has started to run a new iPad Air TV commercial that focuses on the devices creative potential, titled “Your Verse Anthem”. A vast assortment of beautiful and provocative imagery from around the world is displayed while a voiceover from Robin Williams plays in the background, quoting from a scene in the 1989 movie the Dead Poet’s Society. You can watch the full ad embedded below:

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