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Survival of the fittest: Apple Watch versus fitness trackers

Apple Watch is entering the race to become the leader in wearable tech. And dedicated fitness trackers like the Nike+ FuelBand, Fitbit and Jawbone Up may struggle to keep up with Cupertino’s pace. Few people remember the MP3 players that iPod…Read more ›

iPhone or Canon? A veteran photographer debates digital versus analog

During his 25-year career as a photographer, Dan Marcolina has captured moments of everyday despair and delight, from beaches and backyards to bus stations and wedding celebrations. His work exhibits the ease of an inside joke or a knowing wink;…Read more ›

How Coke Versus Pepsi Convinced Steve Jobs To Invest In Laser Printers [Video]

Apple products have been the go-to brand for creatives for decades, but when Apple was in its infancy Steve Jobs laid the groundwork by heavily investing in a printer of all things. It was the Laserwriter I that cemented Apple…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Mac Icon Designer Susan Kare Will Testify In Apple Versus Samsung Trial

Kare designed the famous “Happy Mac” icon and many others we still use today.

Susan Kare, the graphic designer famous for creating a number of icons for the Macintosh, will be called as a witness in the ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung. Kare will reportedly talk about the similarities between the user interface graphics on the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy devices.Kare designed the Mac’s “Happy Mac” startup icon, the Command symbol,  [Read More…]

Google’s New Voice Search Versus Apple’s Siri

When Google announced Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), they showed off the new voice actions as well as search cards. Naturally, everyone soon became curious about how the new voice actions compared to its Apple competitor and voice assistant Siri. While most Androidians didn’t have a spare iPhone 4S on hand, one blogger for TechnoBuffalo did, and was kind enough to put them to the test. While this is just a quick  [Read More…]

Throttled iPhone Versus Non-Throttled iPhone: You Might As Well Be Using Edge

AppAdvice Daily does an interesting test on a throttled iPhone 4S versus a non-throttled iPhone 4S to compare speeds. Today we are looking at two identical iPhone 4S’s. They are both on the AT&T network using the same 3G network. The only difference is that one device is throttled and the other is not. Throttling is the process where a cellular provider punishes you for using too much data by slowing down your data speeds tremendously. The video above, filmed  [Read More…]