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Amazon Prime bests Netflix by adding offline video

Amazon Prime Video today took a massive step toward beating Netflix by adding offline video to its growing list of advantages. The feature allows users to download movies and TV shows and enjoy them without a data connection while they’re on the go. Offline video is a feature Netflix subscribers have been longing for for years, but […]

Photography equipment can be expensive, but there are plenty of items lying around the house that can help you get your shots. Why buy a pin-hole camera made of fine hardwood when you can make one out of an oatmeal container? Designer Mattia Ciucciarelli wants to spare us the cost of an expensive tripod head […]

Videos are the new family slideshow, a way of turning visual memories into entertainment for friends and loved ones. Our computers double as digital junk drawers, with photos, video clips and audio recordings collecting in folders and collecting dust — one of the best ways to bring those memories back to the light of day […]

Video reminds us of how far iOS and Android have come

We’ve spent thousands of man-hours over the years debating whether Android is better than iOS, or vice versa. A new video series by YouTube video producers ColdfusTion explores that same premise, by talking through the history of both platforms and how they’ve evolved over the years. Whether you’re new to the world of mobile, or […]

The future of video chat is totally touchy-feely

HaptoClone is a new creation from researchers in the Shinoda Lab at the University of Tokyo that can let you practically feel what isn’t actually in front of you. It at least gives you the illusion that you’re feeling it. The technology is trippy in theory, but in practice it very well may lead to […]

The snobby photographer inside me is offended whenever someone suggests that good photography is the result of owning “a really good camera.” Give me a little credit for anticipating and recognizing the good light, composition and human dynamics unfolding before me. It’s an innocent comment and instead of an angry rant, I try to discourage […]

A new video mockup shows how Force Touch might work on the iPhone 6s, the less-expensive Apple smartphone expected to hit shelves next month. Given that we’ve already seen how Force Touch is implemented on the Apple Watch and MacBook, this neat conceptual video shows some of the many ways we may use the technology […]

If you want to hear who this year’s MTV Video Music Awards nominees are, you’ll hear it on Apple Music’s Beats 1 channel first. Even before you’ll hear it on MTV! Today, Apple announced on the official Beats 1 Twitter… Read more ›

Last weekend, the gaming world lost one of its biggest innovators. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata was not only one of the most powerful names in gaming, but also among the best-loved. In many ways, Iwata was Nintendo’s Steve Jobs. Brilliant and passionate, he… Read more ›

Check out this (clone) iPhone 6s unboxing video

The iPhone 6s is still a couple of months away, but thanks to the magic (read: blatant thievery) of Chinese smartphone clone-makers, we’ve got an advance peak at what it might look like to unbox Apple’s biggest iPhone “s” release… Read more ›