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Apple WWDC 2014 Video Roundup

Clocking in at 2 hours, Apple’s 2014 WWDC keynote is a lot to take in, when you just want to know the facts about what’s heading to your Apple devices. Well Cult of Mac is here for you, we’ve chopped it…

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KICK: A smartphone-controlled lighting studio for photo and video [Deals]

The KICK is a revolutionary new way of lighting your photos and videos – and making sure you get perfect exposure every time. It’s only about the size of your smartphone, but comes packed with a rechargeable panel of 40…

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This day in tech history: Intel announces the PC video phone

In an age of Facetime, Skype and Google Hangouts, video calling is pretty much ubiquitous — an aspect of technology that we simply take for granted. But it wasn’t always this way. Eighteen years ago today, AT&T and Intel held a…

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Rip and convert movies easily with The MacX DVD Video Converter Pro Pack [Deals]

In this digital age, the days of physical media are coming to an end. With The MacX DVD Video Converter Pro Pack, you can rip and convert movies easily. Now you can enjoy those films anywhere and everywhere — and…

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Apple bought Beats for video says Steve Jobs’ biographer

The web has spun about 13,000 different theories on why Apple bought Beats. Did they want the headphones? Or was it Beats Music that tipped things over? It’ll be months, if not years, before we learn Apple’s real play with…

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Yes, You Can Cancel Out of the “Compressing Video” Process when Sending Movies from iOS

If you send a lot of photos and video from an iPhone or iPad to friends and family, you’ve probably noticed that sending a movie brings up a curious looking pixelated black and white “Compressing Video” screen where the video is being squeezed down to a smaller size. If the video you’re trying to email … Read More

Pixel Press Floors lets you create video games using pen and paper

When I was about 11, my best friend was a guy called James Brzezicki, who used to spend hours drawing out super-detailed level designs for platform video games. I copied him, although mine were never as good. The real problem,…

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Snapchat adds text and video chat for even more private fun

While the hit app Snapchat has already had great success at keeping users well connected, the developers behind the app have recently released a major update to add to the mix. Chat with your friends with instant messaging like chat…

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Snapchat adds instant messaging and video calls

Apple’s FaceTime service is getting another rival — courtesy of an update from disappearing messages service Snachat. The update will introduce instant messaging and video call functions — opening up more possibilities for users wanting to have private conversations. As…

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Facebook’s Messenger app adds video sharing feature, and more

In preparation for Mark Zuckerberg’s evil plan of making us all download Messenger in order to carry on our Facebook conversations, Facebook Messenger has just received a spit-shine of an update. Version 5.0 of the app adds several new features…

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