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View Keynote Presentation Files Without Keynote Installed Using Preview in OS X

View Keynote presentations in Preview app without having Keynote installed

If you don’t have Keynote installed and you need to view someones keynote presentation slides, don’t fret – you can view them all directly in Preview, the bundled image app in Mac OS X.

Nothing special is required, just download a keynote presentation (.key file extension) and double-click it to launch the slides into Preview. From there you can view each slide independently,  [Read More…]

Navigon Adds Google Street View To Maps App

Street View comes back to iOS

Navigon has added Google Street View to its iOS navigation app, as well as a few other enhancements � including the dangerous sounding �cockpit� mode. This probably won�t be the last independent app to include Google�s essential service after Apple kicked it out of iOS6, but it does at least mean we can keep using it when the new iOS ships this fall.

I have installed  [Read More…]

Dropbox 1.5 Update Brings Automatic Media Uploads, Gallery View, Batch File Actions & More

Dropbox has issued an update to its iOS app this morning, introducing the ability to automatically upload photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to the cloud. Version 1.5 also delivers a new gallery view for your images, the ability to move and delete multiple files simultaneously, and more.


Like Dropbox for Android, the iOS app now has the ability to upload your photos and videos automatically  [Read More…]

Inside Apple Will Challenge Your View Of The Worlds Most Valuable Tech Company [Review]

Adam Lashinsky is a veteran Silicon Valley journalist and Senior Editor at Large for Fortune. Lashinsky�wrote a riveting feature last year�on the inner workings of Apple�s secretive culture that prompted him to publish�Inside Apple: How America�s Most Admired�and Secretive�Company Really Works�in January of 2012.

Inside Apple is a short read (about 180 pages) that provides several peeks behind the thick veil of secrecy Apple keeps between itself and the  [Read More…]

Photogram: A Beautiful Way To View Instagram On The Web [Review]

We love�Jeff Broderick�s work here at Cult of Mac. We�ve told you about some of his web app projects, like QuickWiFi and QuickContact, and his latest creation is called Photogram. As the name implies, you can use Photogram to view Instagram in your web browser. The app is beautiful and optimized for both the desktop and mobile experience.

Instagram is the most popular mobile social network in existence, but the official  [Read More…]

Tree Outliner Helps You Think Laterally With Its Sideways View [Review]

Tree outliner for OS X

Tree is an outliner with a difference � it offers an unusual horizontal view of your document alongside a host of useful outlining features.


Most outliners are designed to work like most electronic documents, as electronic equivalents of a piece of paper held in portrait position. But Tree is tailor-made for your computer�s wide screen, and re-orientates everything sideways.

So your outline document  [Read More…]

Change Stacks Icon Size in Grid View

Change Stacks icon size

Stacks are a Dock feature added to Mac OS X a while back that let added an easy way to see the contents of Applications, Documents, Downloads, and whatever other folder placed into the Dock.

To change the icon size of Stacks, the stack must be shown as �Grid�, this can be set with a right-click. Open the Stack and use the following keystrokes:

Command + to increase  [Read More…]

Weird iOS 5 Bug Lets Preying Eyes View Saved Photos On A Locked iPhone

A�Canadian technical consultant by the name of�Ade Barkah has uncovered a particularly weird bug in iOS 5 that lets anyone see a locked iPhone�s Camera Roll from the device�s lock screen. The only catch is that viewable photos must have a time stamp that�s newer than the iPhone�s internal clock.

If an iPhone�s clock were to ever roll back or get manually set to  [Read More…]

Switch To Two Week View In iCal [OS X Tips]

Here�s a neat trick for iCal which can be useful for those who find the default list of views (day, week, month, and year) a little too limiting.


This tip is excerpted from Mac Kung Fu, a new book containing over 300 tips, tricks, hints and hacks for Mac OS X Lion.�

iCal has four view modes by which you can view forthcoming appointments: Day, Week, Month, and Year. You can  [Read More…]

MacJournal Updated, Adds More Blogs And Timeline View

MacJournal 6's Timeline view

Mariner Software just updated veteran writing/blogging app MacJournal to version 6, with a double helping of new features thrown in.


MacJournal�s been around since forever, providing Mac users with super-simple rich text editing and organising by date and into folders of your choosing. It gives you loads of options for adding metadata to your entries, which in turn gives you lots of ways to  [Read More…]