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Compose Tweets and View Twitter Timeline from Lock Screen with TweetBoard

Compose and view your Twitter timeline right from your lock screen.

iOS 5’s native Twitter integration has opened up a huge market for developers (App Store or Cydia) to begin building or updating their applications to support this new and wonderful feature. One limiting factor to iOS 5’s Twitter integration however is that natively, you can only tweet from iOS in a few ways. In other words, you have to share a particular component (website, picture,  [Read More…]

Jobs’ View On Transforming The School Textbook Business

As more information about Steve Jobs and his plans continue to be revealed from his biography, interesting topics and speculation continue to arise. According to some information revealed by�The New York Times, the next market Jobs wanted to explore was the market for school textbooks. This was publicized around the time when the iPad was first released as well but Jobs� biography gives more insight into the matter.

Apparently he held several meetings with major publishers  [Read More…]

View & Mount Hidden Partitions in Mac OS X

View and mount a hidden partition in Mac OS X

By enabling a hidden debug feature in Disk Utility, you are able to both view and mount hidden partitions on hard drives in Mac OS X. Hidden partitions include things like Linux swap, Windows Recovery drive, and OS X Lion�s Recovery HD, and once they�re mounted they can be edited or formatted just like any other drive. Here is how to get  [Read More…]

Change Up Your Lock Screen Battery View With LSBattery

Not to long ago, ModMyi covered a new application called�KillBackground�which allowed you to “kill” or remove all background programs in your AppSwitcher at once. Although there are many other applications on the market that perform a similar function,�personal preference always wins out�and having many simple, free options is not such a bad thing. The same developer behind KillBackground, Mathieu Bolard(@mattlawer), recently released an application called LSBattery that gives you a little customization with your lock screen  [Read More…]

Use Gestures In All My Files View To Find Wayward Files Fast [OS X Tips]

Mac OS X Lion now offers a new icon view called All My Files in Finder and you can use new gestures on your trackpad to navigate through all of the files on your Mac. You�ll be able to quickly find the wayward image, PDF, or other file fast.

The first thing you need to do is access Finder and if there isn�t an open Finder window use Command+N to open  [Read More…]

New Aerial View of Apple’s Data Center Turns up on Google Earth

It’s taken months to reach this point, but Apple has finally announced that iCloud is not only real, it’s also coming soon. And while we continue to debate the rumored ins-and-outs of the service and its supposed attributes, we’ll only have to wait until next Monday to get some answers. That’s when Apple chief Steve Jobs will take the stage at Moscone Center at the World Wide Developers Conference to give a hands-on demonstration of iOS  [Read More…]

iOSTracker.NET – View consolidated.db Location Info in Windows

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

After the recent (or not?) news Apple is tracking your iDevice’s every move, devs Alasdair Allan and Pete Warren made a nice OS X app called iPhoneTracker which allowed you to view said info from your Mac.

Developer Tom Zickel (jailbreakers know him as db42, author of tweaks such as SBSchedule, SnapTap, and SpringSorter  [Read More…]