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How to View Live Photos in Messages for Mac

Live Photos are basically a still photo that comes to life as a short video, they’re a neat feature that can be captured by newer model iPhone cameras, and now the Messages app on the Mac can view these little moments if they’re sent your way. To have access to Live Photos in Messages for … Read More

How to view your Google Drive files faster with Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro has solved many workflow problems for me over the years. Most recently it’s been an immense time-saver when it comes to accessing Google Drive files I need often. While the Google Drive app itself is decent enough, it only acts as a hub to Google’s other apps, which is somewhat annoying. That’s […]

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Reeder 3 is here, adding iPad Pro, Split View, and 3D Touch support

Reeder has long been our favorite feed reader for iOS and Mac. Earlier this year, Reeder for Mac hit version 3.0, making us wonder when the iOS version would achieve the same milestone. Now it has, gaining support Split View in iOS 9, an updated UI, 3D Touch for previewing articles, and more! Here’s the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Google Translate update brings Split View, new instant visual language

Learning a new language is hard work, especially if you’ve been raised in the U.S., which tends to eschew any real multi-lingual literacy. These days, however, Google Translate lets us all communicate a little more easily across language barriers. A new update for the app today brings both Split View support for newer iPads along […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Make the most of iOS 9’s Split View multitasking on iPad

One of the cooler features Apple has brought to El Capitan is the ability to have two apps up at once on the same screen. iOS 9 brings this multitasking joy to your iPad, provided you have the latest and greatest iPad Air 2, since it’s the only device that can currently manage the power […]

Customers will pay a premium for products they view as ‘innovative’

Apple is a rarity in history: being not only the world’s most valuable company, but also one of its most innovative. A new study from research firm Lab42 takes a look at the link between these two topics, and draws… Read more ›

Beat this, Apple! Google conquers El Capitan (on Street View)

Thanks to iOS and Android, Apple and Google have been locked in a battle with each other for years now. Which is why it’s all the more ironic that Google would choose to unveil its latest Street View feature by… Read more ›

The life cycle from your iPhone’s point of view

I’m a sucker when it comes to upgrading to the latest iPhone, but like a lot of people I’ve stopped to think about how bizarre it is that new iPhones go from coveted items we’ll queue up for hours to… Read more ›

iOS 9’s Split View for iPad is everything you hoped it would be

  When iOS 9 rolls out to the public this fall, it’ll be iPad users that appreciate it most, thanks to the many improvements Apple has made to multitasking. One of the biggest is Split View, a feature that’s exclusive… Read more ›

Apple all but confirms its Street View rival is coming

A post on Apple’s site for its Maps app heavily suggests that it’s hard at work on a feature to rival Google’s Street View, which lets users zoom into maps to explore areas from ground level. The company hasn’t officially… Read more ›