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Lomo Konstruktor ‘Super Kit’ Adds Lenses And Viewfinder To DIY Camera

If you have a nerd in your life, and you need to get him/her a gift anytime soon, then your search is over. Go buy them the new Lomo Konstruktor Super Kit, the “directors cut” of the original build-it-yourself plastic… Read more ›     

Canon G1 X Mark II Ditches Viewfinder, Adds Wi-Fi

Canon’s new G1 X Mark II brings good news and bad news. The bad news is that it ditches the optical viewfinder that has been found on G-series compacts like forever. The good news is that it adds a faster… Read more ›     

Nikon P7800 Regains A Viewfinder, Remains Pedestrian

Viewfinders are the new fast lenses, or something. At least according to Nikon, which has put a proper viewfinder back in its P-series cameras with the new P7800. And when I say proper, I mean “proper” – the viewfinder isn’t a nice bright optical one but an electronic model. Since I got a Fujifilm X100S […]

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Panasonic Planning “Rangefinder” Style Micro Four Thirds Camera With Built-In Viewfinder

You gotta love the destruction of the point-and-shoot camera industry at the hands of the cellphone. After years of trying to woo us with more and more hard-drive-filling megapixels, camera makers are finally being forced to give us what we actually want. And it doesn’t hurt that these features are exactly those things that are […]

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Panasonic LF1 Camera With Wi-Fi, Fast Leica Glass And Vestigial Viewfinder

Panasonic’s new LF1 is a Wi-Fi-sharing, fast-lens shooting RAW-capture camera which looks like a kind of remixed LX-series camera. It’s clearly aimed at smartphone users who want a little extra.

The Lumix LF1 shoots RAW images, has a 200k dot optical viewfinder, a 28-200mm equivalent zoom, Wi-Fi and NFC, a 3-inch LCD, a maximum ISO of 12,800 and a 12MP sensor.

The camera will retail for $ 500.

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ClearView Turns Your Camera’s (Or iPhone’s) Screen Into a Viewfinder

The ClearView is a simple alternative to pricey add-on camera viewfinders, both optical and electronic. The idea is that – instead of adding a new viewfinder – you can just repurpose the screen you already have. And this means that, with a bit of tweaking, it’ll work with an iPhone too.

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