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It may seem hard to believe, but there was a time when Apple didn’t ship computers without a built-in monitor as an exception, but as the rule. Such was the case with the venerable Apple II, which shipped with a… Read more ›

Every vintage picture tells a story, don’t it?

Rachel LeCour Niesen’s passion for vintage photos started when she walked down her grandmother’s wood-paneled hallway to look at a bedroom wall that held a carefully edited family history. There she saw a photo of her father standing proud in… Read more ›

What do you get when you combine several hundred serious geeks, two large rooms, five decades worth of vintage computers, and a weekend in New Jersey? Why the Vintage Computer Festival East, of course! The ninth running of the VCF… Read more ›

MMXIII – The Year in Vintage Apple Tech

In addition to all the new products of 2013, the past year was a whir of activity in the vintage Apple space. Apple may be content to only move forward and deny existence of any products older than seven years… Read more ›     

This week in Cult of Mac Magazine: how some collectors are making serious money with old Macs. Well, that and how some are discovering that it may be sentimental value that keeps the old machines humming – as it turns… Read more ›     

Markets rise and markets fall – that’s true for stocks, real estate, tulips, etc. That’s also true with vintage computers – though even in a down market there’s still some money to be made. At an auction in Germany held… Read more ›     

Transform Your Apple TV Into A Vintage NES & More

Want to make your Apple TV look like an SNES, Gamecube, NES, or even a big waffle? These decals have you covered. There’s no shortage of vinyl decals to slap on your Mac, but you don’t see them for the…

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photosUnless you’re young enough to think that the seemingly never-ending 80s fashion revival is actually cool, then it’s likely that you have a stack of real, printed photos in a box somewhere. And as we all know, printed photos are photos that you can’t post to Instagram, or backup on Dropbox. What you need is […]

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camcase iluvNo messing around with iLuv’s new camera case for the iPhone 5. It’s called the Camera Case, and it turns your iPhone into a little Leica-alike. It’s a little gimmicky, sure, but so what? The case comes with a matching strap (you can choose from tan or black) so you can have the iPhone at […]

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