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Get a Fun Vintage Terminal for Mac with Cool Retro Term

Feel like taking another trip down memory lane? With the assistance of an excellent fun free retro terminal emulator fittingly called Cool Retro Term, you can experience the golden yesteryears of cathode display computing and pretend your shiny new Mac is an ancient Apple II or IBM workstation. Basically Cool Retro Term functions as a … Read More

Browse the old web on a vintage Mac with this online emulator

Does your browser feel slow? Hate modern web design? Boy, have you got it lucky. Web browsers used to be infinitely worse. And so did web pages. Don’t believe me? Here’s an emulator that allows you to surf websites from up to a couple decades ago, using old browsers like Safari 3.2.3 on Windows, IE […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Vintage Apple radio spots give customers the hard sell

No-one does ads with more consistent high quality than Apple. That’s why it’s kind of fun to go back to a time when getting the word out about new products was less about pushing out a sleek new video on YouTube and more about radio spots designed to give potential customers the hard sell. Stephen […][Read More…]

Want to look like Drake? eBay has your vintage Apple jacket

While Eddy Cue was busying winning this year’s worst dressed award for WWDC 2015, hip-hop icon Drake surprised us all by hitting the stage with a vintage Apple jacket that oozed fashion from every stitching. The hip-hop icon said he…Read more ›

Vintage timelapse shows Disneyland’s construction 60 years ago

Disneyland is about to celebrate its 60th anniversary on July 17th, but before Walt’s playground become one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, it was just an ugly patch of dirt outside L.A. If you’ve ever visited Disneyland, it’s…Read more ›

How to surf the internet on a vintage Macintosh Plus

When the Macintosh Plus was released 27 years ago, it was the most powerful Mac on the market. It even contained a SCSI port, which opened the door to the Macintosh getting a modem. Eventually, there were even internet browsers…Read more ›

What it’s like to use Photoshop 1.0 on a vintage Mac, 25 years later

First released in 1990 for the Macintosh Platform, Photoshop 1.0 turned 25 years old last month. To mark the occasion, CreativeLive asked eight Photoshop professionals to try to do their jobs — on camera, of course — on the original…Read more ›

Mac Setup: a Vintage Inspired Workstation

We’re sharing the fun vintage inspired Mac setup of Ryan N., who has everything from Macs of days gone by to other assorted components of yesteryear like a rotary phone and a rusty old Route 66 sign. Let’s jump in to learn a bit more about this great workstation: What hardware makes up your Mac … Read More

App Watch: iOS apps that are minimal, slo-mo, vintage and bespoke

This vintage Frankenstein iMac is a dual-booting time machine

It may seem hard to believe, but there was a time when Apple didn’t ship computers without a built-in monitor as an exception, but as the rule. Such was the case with the venerable Apple II, which shipped with a…Read more ›