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Otherwise great platformer is virtually unplayable in VR Mode [Reviews]

Let me say this up front: Space Box is a fantastic game. It’s challenging, fun, and has some really great mechanics and art. And if you have a set of virtual-reality goggles to plunk your iPhone into, you can even play it hands-free in 3-D using head-tracking controls. And that’s where it runs into some […]

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VR iPhone case is virtually a reality after hitting Kickstarter goal

A nifty iPhone case-turned-VR headset has passed its $ 75,000 Kickstarter funding goal in just one week — promising users a snap-on virtual reality solution for their Apple handset for the low price of just $ 55 for early backers. And, despite the goal having been hit, there’s still time if you want to hop on this […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple will walk you through Apple Watch setup virtually

Apple has begun sending out emails to customers offering them personal online Apple Watch setup appointments so they can learn more about their new devices. The sessions with Apple Specialists take the form of the kind of personal setup sessions…Read more ›

Kindle App Vs. iBooks. (Spoiler: They’re Virtually Identical Now!) [Feature]

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Which is which?

Yesterday, Amazon’s iOS Kindle app was updated to add multicolor highlights, “Book End Actions” (rate, review, share, see recommendations) and to fix the brightness control, which now stays set across app switching or sleep.

At first I thought “Meh, iBooks has had most of that since forever.” And then I thought “Wait, are there any differences left between these two apps?”

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Extract & Uncompress Virtually Any Archive File with Unarchiver for Mac OS X

Extract files in Mac OS X with Unarchiver The Unarchiver is a one stop shop for extracting and uncompressing virtually any archive file that youll come across. Easily managing the usual archive formats of zip, sit, gzip, bin, tar, hqx, itll also easily tear through less common archive types including rar files, 7z, bzip2, cab, sea, exe, rpm, and many other obscure compression formats that OS Xs built-in Archive Utility cant  [Read More…]

How This Guy Is Making Your iPhone Virtually Human

Today, your iPhone is a gadget, a mere consumer appliance. But your future iPhone will become increasingly human. Youll have conversations with it. The phone will make decisions, prioritize the information it presents to you, and take action on your behalf rescheduling meetings, buying movie tickets, making reservations and much more. In short, your iPhone is evolving into a personal assistant that thinks, learns and acts. And its all happening  [Read More…]