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The pope’s visit might delay your iPhone 6s pre-order

The Pope touched down in Washington D.C. yesterday as part of hit U.S. tour, and it might totally screw up whether you get your iPhone 6s pre-order delivered on September 25th. Apple sent out emails to customers in Philadelphia and New York to inform them that even through their pre-order was placed early enough to […]

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Indian prime minister will meet with Tim Cook during U.S. visit

Indian Prime Minister and noted iPhone user Narendra Modi has requested to meet Tim Cook during his upcoming visit to the U.S. — reportedly to discuss the possibility of Apple investing in R&D and manufacturing in his country. Modi arrives in New York on September 24 and 25, before heading to the West Coast on September […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Visit Open Web Pages on Other Devices with iCloud Tabs

Safari iCloud Tabs are a great feature that allow you to visit and access any actively opened web page in Safari on another iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This is really handy if you found something interesting on your iPhone but you’d rather read it on your iPad or Mac, or vice versa, and in some … Read More

Fake Apple ad campaign protests Obama’s Silicon Valley visit

Apple’s legendary iPod ads have been nothing less than iconic, but a California street artists has turned the famous marketing campaign into an anti-Obama parody ahead of the President’s visit to area. President Obama just wrapped up a quick fundraising…Read more ›

Bill Gates Emotionally Recalls His Last Visit To Steve Jobs [Video]


For a long time, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were two of the biggest competitors in the technology industry. They were both early pioneers of desktop computing, and their companies were battling each other for every ounce of market share they could get their hands on.

But those shared experiences eventually led to the two becoming good friends. In a new interview for CBS’ 60 Minutes, Gates fondly remembers his old foe, and emotionally  [Read More…]

Apple CEO Cooking Up Big Business During Surprise Visit to China

Apple didn’t announce that its CEO would be heading to China anytime soon, but there’s photographic evidence to prove he’s already there. According to reports published Monday out of the far east, Tim Cook turned up at the Joy City Apple Store in Beijing this morning. Although it would have been relatively humorous had Cook accidentally wandered into a fake Apple store, we understand he found his way to the right place. But as far  [Read More…]

A Visit to Foxconns Not-So-Secret iPhone Factory in Brazil [Exclusive]

A view of Foxconn’s new iPhone plant. Photo: Alessandro Salvatori, Blog do iPhone.

Jundia, Brazil –Foxconns iPhone and soon-to-be iPad factory about 45 miles north of Sao Paulo is an open secret; despite all the conjecture, its exactly where its supposed to be and three curious reporters had no problems poking around. On Oct. 31, the Brazilian telecommunications document agency ANATEL issued the OK for Foxconn to start producing mobile  [Read More…]

Jailbreakers Befuddled By MuscleNerd’s Mysterious Visit to Apple

There’s a great deal of speculation surrounding why the iPhone Dev Team’s MuscleNerd recently paid a visit to Apples headquarters in Cupertino, California. With recent news of major tech companies offering jobs and internships to well-known hackers (you may recall Comex landing an internship at Apple recently), some are wondering if MuscleNerd has been offered a job with the iPhone-maker. AsBusiness Insiderreported, without Comex and MuscleNerd, “the elite community of iPhone hackers known as the  [Read More…]

Adam Bell Courted New Position with Apple Store Visit

This sounds like what people who dont live in California think people here do on dates: take a stroll around the Apple retail store in Palo Alto, then have some sushi and a little conversation. Except that this isnt a date, its the meeting of two businessmen. The Wall Street Journal recounts how Peter Bell decided to court iAd chief Andy Miller away from Apple in an afternoon they spent  [Read More…]