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Google Translate update brings Split View, new instant visual language

Learning a new language is hard work, especially if you’ve been raised in the U.S., which tends to eschew any real multi-lingual literacy. These days, however, Google Translate lets us all communicate a little more easily across language barriers. A new update for the app today brings both Split View support for newer iPads along […]

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New platform offers visual artists a chance to put their stamp on it

There are many ways for photographers to display and share work: Build a website, post on Facebook, spread your brand on Instagram or create a repository on Flickr. But the few mentioned above are not perfect, especially when it comes…Read more ›

Mac App Store gets a visual makeover for Yosemite

The public release of OS X Yosemite rolled out three weeks ago, and since then Apple has been gradually bringing all of its own services in line with the look and feel of its new operating system. Having previously tweaked…Read more ›

Apple.com Celebrates 30 Years Of Mac With Visual Timeline, Video & More

The original Mac was released thirty years ago today, and to celebrate, Apple has unveiled a special “30 Years” section of its official website that allows users to scroll through a visual timeline of the Mac’s history, starting with the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Inbox Cube Adds A Big Visual Kick To Your iPhone Email [Daily Freebie]

  Since there are relatively few good alternatives to the iPhone’s stock Mail app, a newcomer to the group usually sparks our curiosity and interest; what’s the cool new spin? Will we actually use it? Will we use it enough…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Mac Setups: The Desk of a Visual Designer

Visual designer Mac desk setup

This weeks awesome Mac setup comes to us from visual designer and Apple lover Mirko S. With a great looking desk and a very nice Macintosh configuration, here is the Apple gear and a few app recommendations that Mirko is using for his work, and why:

What Apple hardware does your setup consist of?

Core Apple hardware includes the following:

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A Visual Walkthrough Of iOS 7 With GIFs

iOS7The new interface of iOS 7 has become one of the most polarizing Apple software releases since the iPhone came out six years ago. Some users think some of the UI elements look childish and boring, but there are a ton of new details and feature that make using iOS feel new again (for better […]

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Birdseye Makes Email on the iPad More Visual, Dynamic, and Yes, Even Fun [Daily Freebie]

birdseye-1  The words “fun” and “email” probably don’t belong together. But of the small handful of email apps available for the iPad, Birdseye is certainly the most fun. It’s also the most dynamic, with some cool tricks that should come standard with the stock iPad Mail app. Birdseye’s interface is so streamlined it makes the […]

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Yahoo News For iOS Gets Improved Visual Stream, Sponsored Stories And Cleaner UI

newyahoonews  Since taking over as CEO of Yahoo last year, Marissa Mayer has pushed the company to make some huge improvements to its apps for iOS. So far we’ve been treated to stellar updates to Yahoo Weather, News and Flickr and the improvements keep coming as the company just published a nice update for its […]

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iOS 7 vs iOS 6 Side-by-Side Visual Comparisons

iOS 7 logo iOS 7 brings a significant user interface overhaul to Apple’s mobile devices, and though it’s best to be experienced and used first hand, screen shots can do a fair job of demonstrating the differences. If you’re not a developer and can’t use the beta releases yourself, then comparing iOS 7 to iOS 6 side-by-side can give an appreciation for the changes ahead, so we rounded up a few  [Read More…]