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8 New Visually Impressive “Shot on iPhone” Commercials Now Airing

Apple is running eight new “Shot on iPhone” ads, demonstrating the impressive recording capabilities available with the latest iPhone cameras. The commercials show off various camera effects that are possible with iPhone, including multiple instances of recording slow motion video on iPhone, a time-lapse recording video captured on iPhone, and perhaps even recording 4K video … Read More

Is Monument Valley The Most Visually Stunning iOS Game Of The Year?

The year might only be three months old but there’s already a contender for ‘most visually striking iOS game of 2014.’ Launched today, Monument Valley looks to combine the gameplay of hit indie game Fez with the brain-twisting art of M.C.…

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Apple Patents Graphical Interface For The Visually Impaired

Apple was granted a patent on Tuesday related to a GUI modified for disabled users of iOS devices and MacBooks. Entitled “Devices, Methods & GUI’s for Accessibility using a Touch-Sensitive Surface,” the patent describes several methods for allowing a person…

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Capture Everything And Communicate Visually With Clarify [Deals]

CoM - ClarifyYou know how painful it can be when a customer or team member doesn’t understand your instructions. This Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to help you solve that problem…with Clarify. Clarify makes it easy to communicate with images. It is screen capture software that offers a faster, simpler alternative to screen recordings. Create annotated […]

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