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Use Siri To Voice Control A Vintage Mac 512K! [Video]

Despite the fact that Siri’s guts are in a billion dollar data facility in North Carolina somewhere, the iPhone 4S can actually be used to voice control an old Mac 512K.   The process is a little convoluted, but essentially, because a Mac’s email program can run AppleScript according to the text of received mails, it’s not too hard to use Siri to drive your vintage Mac. Terribly neat. Now if some could just figure out how to let me  [Read More…]

Apple Devotes ‘Siri’ous Manpower to New Voice Control Technology

Siri – Apple’s new voice control technology in the iPhone 4S – has placed huge manpower demands on the company, according to a report published by the Wall Street Journal over the weekend. The in-depth look at the making of Siri points out that the implemented technology is the product of one of the single biggest software development teams ever formed at Apple. The creators of Siri put “deep thought” into the personality of their software, says  [Read More…]

A Closer Look at the Voice Commands That You’ll Be Giving Your iPhone 4S

Apple unveiled “Siri” yesterday. The revolutionary technology is integrated into the iPhone 4S to bring you dictation and voice recognition capabilities that will knock your socks off. We gave you a breakdown of how Siri compares to Google’s similar “Voice Actions” technology for Android, and Apple’s approach is leagues ahead of the competition. If you’d like to know exactly what Siri can do for you on the iPhone 4S, an extensive list of compatible  [Read More…]

Apple’s New Siri is Playing Catch-Up to Google Voice Actions. But in a Very Human Way.

As far too many people have pointed out already, Apple’s event this morning was a bit of a disappointment — as a spectacle. 16 months is a long time to wait for an incremental hardware improvement, which the iPhone 4S unquestionably is. But there was one announcement amid all the recap of iOS 5 and iCloud features that should have been tremendously exciting to anyone who cares about the future  [Read More…]

Meet Siri, The Amazing AI Assistant For Your iPhone 4S That Can Understand Your Voice [Gallery]

The rumors are true. Apple is introducing a Siri-based voice control functionality to iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S, called Siri, not Assistant, as reported. As we’ve previously detailed, Siri will intelligently help you get things done just by asking. For example, on stage, Apple asks his iPhone “What is the weather alike today?” Siri then responds with “Here is the weather for today” along with a screen showing the weather.   Siri does seem to  [Read More…]

Gene Munster: Apple May Demo iOS 5 Voice Recognition Next Week

According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Apple’s October 4th media event may deliver more surprises than we presently expect – a reality that will come to fruition should Apple unveil that which Munster teased in a note to investors this morning. Based on Munster’s suspicions, Apple may reveal new voice recognition technology in iOS 5, something we haven’t seen yet in the otherwise relatively expansive preview we’ve enjoyed about the next iOS revamp. Munster  [Read More…]

Apple Patents Sophisticated New Voice Controls

Apple recently filed a new patent application that describes sophisticated voice recognition technology that would allow far greater control over the iPhone than ever before. The iPhone currently includes a Voice Control feature, but it generally goes unnoticed by a vast majority of users. Apple’s latest patent, entitled “User Profiling for Voice Input Processing,” describes how an iPhone could be used to perform more complex tasks than is currently possible today. For example: what if  [Read More…]

iOS 5?s Rumored Voice Recognition Assistant May Integrate Contacts, Calendars, Email

Since Apple’s acquisition of Siri many moons ago, there have been rumors that the technology would one day worm its way into the iOS software. Speculation, fueled by evidence in the latest iOS SDK, would lead us to believe that Siri “Assistant” feature will finally come to fruition in iOS 5. And according to one report, it will integrate with your contacts, calendars, emails and more. According to files related to  [Read More…]

Hack Gives iPad 3G Voice Calling Capability

So much for the iPad not being able to make real true-to-life phone calls over a cellular network. iPhoneIslam, the same guys who developed the FaceTime 3G app, have released a hack today that allows 3G iPad users to make voice-calls and send text messages over a 3G network. Users will need to use a 3G sim card (the standard data SIM AT&T provides iPad owners wont work), and then download the app from the Cydia store for $20. Kinda  [Read More…]

Groundbreaking Voice Based Social Network Parlor.fm Hits iPhone Next Week

Click the image to open in full size. The countdown clock on the parlor.fm website underscores the anticipation felt by many ahead of the voice-based social network’s long-awaited debut, now set for launch at TechCrunch Disrupt (May 23rd-25th) at Pier 94 in New York City. After a successful stint in beta testing, the time has finally come for the vast public to see what all the buzz is about. On tap for Monday will  [Read More…]