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This photo-sharing app adds voices to your photos

Dave Keene had colon cancer and wouldn’t be sure until after surgery whether it would kill him. What he did know for sure was if it did, his young son would eventually forget the sound of his voice. Keene, a veteran engineer in the gaming industry, used his time before surgery to develop an iOS […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Save Space On Your Hard Drive – Delete Unwanted Speech Voices From Your Mac [OS X Tips]

Speech Voices

Hard drive space is at a premium these days, with files getting larger and solid state drives (SSD) becoming more affordable and ubiquitous. I’m typing on a Macbook Air right now, and making sure I don’t clutter up the drive with unnecessary files is important to me.

One way to do this is to get rid of the voices that Mac OS X uses for text-to-speech. These files can  [Read More…]

Discover New English, Foreign And Novelty Text-To-Speech Voices in Lion [OS X Tips]

Voice-to-text speech technology quality has improved over the years and Apple is keeping up with the technology by introducing advancements in Mac OS X to support this technology. Mac OS X Lion doesnt offer a lot of default voice choices, but armed with this tip youll find out that there is lot more for your ear to hear than what your eyes can see.     By default Mac OS  [Read More…]

Weird, Comical New Speech App Mimics Presidential Voices

I can only imagine the whimsical hilarity resulting from one of these being installed on a White House staffers iPhone: iSpeech Obama or its somewhat late sister app, iSpeech Bush are a pair of apps that allow you to enter speech and play it back in the voice of Presidents Barack Obama or George Bush. The free version of the app only does text-to-speech youll have to type in the words you want Bush or Obama to say.  [Read More…]