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74.1% of all Android users are vulnerable to government surveillance

Apple has taken a huge stand with the U.S. government, claiming they won’t – and can’t – remotely unlock encrypted devices running iOS 8 or higher. That’s the vast majority of devices. Google takes the same sort of stand. Any document running Android 5.0 or higher has full disk encryption enabled by default, and therefore […]

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Older Macs are vulnerable to dangerous new bug

Older Apple computers may be susceptible to a new zero-day vulnerability discovered by a security researcher, who found the flaw can be used to install rootkit malware that’s nearly undetectable and very hard to remove. OS X security researcher Pedro…Read more ›

Security researcher says iOS may be vulnerable to government snooping by design

Is iOS spying on you for Apple? According to forensic scientist Jonathan Zdziarski, quite possibly: several undocumented services run regularly in the background on over 600 million iOS devices, which could be sending data to Apple. At a recent talk…Read more ›

Heartbleed Bug: Millions Of Android Devices Are Vulnerable To End-User Hacks

Revelations of the catastrophic Heartbleed bug shook the Internet last week with news that over two-thirds of web servers were vulnerable to the security hole, but it turns out end-users are also susceptible to the bug, including millions of Android…Read more ›

Apple Says That None Of Its Products Are Vulnerable To Heartbleed

Apple has confirmed that none of its products, including web services like iCloud.com, are vulnerable to the nasty Heartbleed web bug that was recently uncovered. Heartbleed allows hackers to intercept sensitive traffic and steal information like logins from websites using…Read more ›

Apple Patent Hints At iPhones That Can Flip Themselves During A Fall To Protect Vulnerable Areas

You don’t know the true meaning of pain until you’ve dropped your shiny new iPhone on a hard surface. If you’re lucky, it will land on its back and your case will protect it, but if you’re not, it’ll land flat on its face and you’ll need a new display. But what if there was […]

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Hacker: Your MacBook’s Battery Is Vulnerable To Viruses, Malware and Meltdown

Still worried about MacDefender? That’s nothing: a new security vulnerability in MacBook batteries means that it’s possible that future hackers won’t just try to steal your credit card numbers, but might actually cause your computer to meltdown instead. The vulnerability was discovered by Accuvant security researcher Charlie Miller, who says that Apple’s MacBook batteries use default passwords on their MacBooks. Why’s that a problem? Well, because the batteries use default  [Read More…]