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Apple’s crusade to keep Samsung phones off the shelves wages on

If you thought that round two of Apple vs. Samsung was the end, you are sadly mistaken. Although Apple recently won $ 119 million in a second victory against Samsung in patent court, that modest figure is nowhere near enough to…Read more ›

Apple Workers File Lawsuit For Losing Wages During Bag Searches

Some Mac users felt AppleFormer Apple Store employees from New York and Los Angeles filed a complaint to the San Francisco federal court that claims Apple’s workers are being shorted around $1,500 a year in unpaid wages while they wait in line for 30 minutes to have their bags searched. The class action suit claims that Apple’s “personal package […]

The post Apple Workers File Lawsuit For Losing Wages During Bag  [Read More…]

Foxconn Raises Chinese Worker Wages by as much as 25%

After facing criticism for its alliance with its manufacturing partner Foxconn, Apple recently announced that factory workers will be seeing a 16% – 25% increase in wages. According to Reuters, the pay of a junior-level worker at the Shenzhen plant in China grew from 1,800 yuan per month, and it could continue to go beyond 2,200 yuan if the workers pass a technical examination. When comparing this to what the pay was three years ago  [Read More…]