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Get wakeup calls from random strangers with Wakie

Would you find it easier to get out of bed in the morning if you had to have a chat with a random stranger? Then you need Wakie, a new smartphone app that provides wakeup calls from people you’ve never… Read more ›

Google VP Says Apple Winning Against Samsung Was A Wakeup Call


“We didn’t believe rounded corners were patentable.”

Google was blindsided when Apple won its lawsuit against Samsung, which was really a proxy war between Apple and Google, because if Apple can defeat Google’s Android OEMs, they’ll win the battle against Google.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, David Lawee, VP for corporate development, says that Google hopes that they are over the hump in the thermonuclear war, and he also admits  [Read More…]

This Creepy App Isnt Just Stalking Women Without Their Knowledge, Its A Wake-Up Call About Facebook Privacy [Update]

This app is meant to all be in good fun, but it’s potentially a weapon in the hands of stalkers.

�Boy, you sure have a lot of apps on your phone.� �Well, it�s my job.� �What�s your favorite?� �Oh, I couldn�t choose. But hey, want to see one to set your skin crawling?� It was the flush end of a pleasurably hot day � 85 degrees in March � and we  [Read More…]