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Mac dev uses Klingon to make app pirates walk the plank

When a Klingon says bortaS bir jablu’DI’reH QaQqu’ nay,’ it’s not good. It means “Revenge is a dish best served cold” and what is likely to follow is some sort of death blow. So when Edward Brawer, the developer of the dock replacement software uBar, had pirates of his Mac app in sight, he set […]

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Apple will walk you through Apple Watch setup virtually

Apple has begun sending out emails to customers offering them personal online Apple Watch setup appointments so they can learn more about their new devices. The sessions with Apple Specialists take the form of the kind of personal setup sessions…Read more ›

Auto-lock & protect your Mac every time you walk away with Sesame 2 [Deals]

Computer security should be of paramount concern to everyone. Your system holds valuable information that, if compromised, can cause you big headaches. The Sesame 2 Auto-Lock Keychain for Mac makes it easy to secure your computer every single time you walk away…Read more ›

Google Play makes The Pirate Bay walk the plank

Google has been tightening up its policies on piracy services the last few weeks and today it just gave The Pirate Bay one its biggest blows on Android by banning its apps from Google Play. Pirate Bay developers were sent…Read more ›

In the future, your car will tell you to walk instead

SAN FRANCISCO —  Brendan Nee is a walking contradiction. He’s car guru who doesn’t own one, a 21st-century geek with an 18th-century mustache who has come up with a novel bit of nagware that could help Americans get off their…Read more ›

The Walk Distracts You From Your Exercise With A Secret Agent Story

Are you tired of running from zombies, but looking for another way to distract yourself from boring yet obviously beneficial exercise? The Walk–developed jointly by the UK’s National Health Service and Department of Health–has you walking the length of the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Simply Walk Into Mordor With Lego The Lord of the Rings for iOS

Join Frodo, Gandalf, Legolas, and (of course) Boromir as they get the Lego treatment from TT Games, the developer of a ton of other Lego-fied video games, including Lego Harry Potter, Lego Star Wars, and Lego Indiana Jones. Warner Bros.…Read more ›

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Take A Tour Of The Solar System With Solar Walk [Review]

Solar Walk for iPad Solar Walk is an excellent educational app about space and everything in it. With Earth as your home base, you wander the Solar System, cruising the planets and moons and making discoveries along the way.   There are many similar apps, its true, but Solar Walk has some little extra touches that make it very appealing. One that I liked, and that my nine-year-old  [Read More…]

How Apple Knows Exactly Who And Where You Are When You Walk Into An Apple Store

Your average Apple Store is stuffed with a pulsing biomass of customers clamoring for attention, so how do Apple employees know that youre the guy they are tasked to help? Well, how does Apple solve any problem? They leverage cutting-edge technology at the problem, and their system is totally ingenious, if a little frightening to the privacy obsessed.   Apples always working to streamline the retail process with additions like  [Read More…]

Survive The iPhone 4S Launch Day Lines And Walk Away With The Model You Want [How-To]

Obviously, the best way to make sure you got an iPhone 4S on launch day was to order one online, but that ship has sailed, and if you didnt get your order in, braving launch day lines is your only option at this point. After four iPhone launches though, were now pros at the line-waiting game. Here are our killer tips and tricks for not just surviving the iPhone 4S  [Read More…]