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Show the Location Path of Current Wallpaper in Mac OS X

Show current wallpaper location on the Mac OS X desktop Ever set a desktop background picture and have no idea where the original wallpaper image is stored? Or maybe youíve wondered where that default background image is stored so you can share it with your iOS device? Me too, and using a defaults write debug command, you can display the full path to the currently active desktop image, directly on the  [Read More…]

Night Sky Starfield Wallpaper

Blue Sky Star Field wallpaper Hereís another nice background picture, by request, itís the blue sky star field wallpaper that was shown in a recent screenshot of Mission Control. This one isnít part of a pack, but it does include the base PSD file so you can make your own variations of the blue night sky if you are up for it. You can download it here from DeviantArt This wallpaper  [Read More…]

How to Tile Desktop Background Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion

Tile a background image for wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion Mac OS X Lion changed the way desktop background pictures are handled. In short, if the image is fit to or larger than your Macs screen resolution, it wonít tile. Likewise, the default OS X Lion wallpapers donít have the option to tile or change how they are orientated on your display. [Read More…]

Get Mac OS X Lion & iOS 5?s Grey Linen Wallpaper Tiles

Mac OS X Lion's grey linen wallpaper tile The lightly shaded large linen wallpaper from the OS X Lion developer previews didnít end up being the final shipping version, instead a linen tile came with the final release of Lion. This linen tile appears everywhere in Mac OS X 10.7 and even iOS 5, from Mission Control, to behind Safari windows, Notifications Center, LaunchPad and iOS folders, and a variety of  [Read More…]

Remembering Steve Jobs: Wallpaper Tribute

Steve Jobs silhouette within the Apple logo This is a rather simple but beautiful tribute to Steve Jobs in wallpaper form. The image is of the Apple logo with silhouetted profile of Steve Jobs forming the bite. Full size wallpaper here (2560◊1600) or click the image above. This image originated from a young Hong Kong artist on Tumblr several months ago when Steve Jobs resigned from the CEO position. In light  [Read More…]