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If you were hoping to listen to Prince on Apple Music, thinking that the purple-clad passionate one’s music would be on the service like many other exclusives on Apple’s new streaming service, you’re out of luck. The artist currently known… Read more ›

Pay what you want to master video game design [Deals]

Go from gamer to game designer. We’ve put together a bundle of four courses worth $ 796 to help—and right now you can pay what you want for it. Over 115 hours of training and almost 400 lectures will help you… Read more ›

SAN FRANCISCO — The key to crafting great Apple Watch apps can be summed up with a simple mantra: “Make the user happy.” That’s designer Joe Cieplinski’s approach to all design, really, but the precept is even more important than… Read more ›

You don’t need us to tell you that knowing how to design for mobile is becoming a must for programmers. So it’s a great time for you to learn, whether you’re new to coding or just need to brush up… Read more ›

While Eddy Cue was busying winning this year’s worst dressed award for WWDC 2015, hip-hop icon Drake surprised us all by hitting the stage with a vintage Apple jacket that oozed fashion from every stitching. The hip-hop icon said he… Read more ›

Another week, another collection of amazing deals at huge discounts. Pay what you want for the business design bundle worth over $ 1,500, ditch headphone wire tangles and save 51% on the Active Wrap wireless headphones, and pick up other great deals.… Read more ›

8 things you won’t want to miss at Google I/O

Google I/O is one of the biggest events in the calendar for Android fans, and this year’s event — which kicks off next Friday — is going to be just as exciting as the last. In addition to the next-generation Android… Read more ›

Apple doesn’t want Watch apps that tell time

There are all kinds of Apple Watch apps, from the really cool ones to the totally weird. But what about third-party apps that tell the time? Such a use case would seem pretty obvious for the Watch, but Apple isn’t… Read more ›

You rarely see Google Glass anymore, but if Recon Instruments has its way, you’ll be seeing plenty more head-mounted displays in the future. The Recon Jet, launched Thursday, is a pair of smart eyeglasses for sporty activities like running and… Read more ›

Make iOS Calendar look the way you want

Oh, that pesky list view in your iOS Calendar app. It sure likes to go missing in various iOS updates, doesn’t it, like in iOS 7 when it just, sort of, disappeared. It’s not totally gone now in iOS 8.3,… Read more ›