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The Humble Indie Bundle 3 Lets You Pay What You Want for 5 Mac Games

The Humble Indie Bundle brings you five awesome games for the Mac all bundled into one tempting package. The great thing about this bundle is that you set the price. That’s right! You get to pay what you want for 5 DRM-free Mac games. This bundle is valued at about $ 50, and you can save quite a bit by setting your own price and downloading these apps together. All of the games work on  [Read More…]

Attention Jailbreakers: Stay Away From iOS 4.3.5 If You Want Untethered Jailbreak

A few hours ago, iOS 4.3.5 was released publicly, to the surprise of many. The new update, the second of its kind in one month, is not expected to receive an untethered jailbreak anytime soon, therefore users should refrain from updating at this point in time. The warning was issued by @MuscleNerd, a prominent member of the iPhone Dev Team, responsible for developing jailbreaking solutions such as Redsn0w. His tweet couldn’t be more clear: Jailbreakers please stay away from today’s iOS 4.3.5  [Read More…]

If You Want To Migrate From Snow Leopard To Lion Tomorrow, You Need This Update

Apple has just released a tiny 768kb update to Migration Assistant for Snow Leopard, and if you’re planning on transferring your files and settings from a Snow Leopard Mac to a machine with Lion, you’ll need to grab this, because otherwise you’re out of luck.   According to the update notes: This update addresses an issue with the Migration Assistant application in Mac OS X  [Read More…]

Do You Want To Buy WWDC 2011 Tickets !

Well, if you were not quick to get a ticket to this year’s WWDC, this just might … make you angry. A developer is selling an unactivated extra ticket on eBay for the Buy It Now price of US$ 3,500. That’s $ 1,900 more than the original $ 1,599 cost. The eBay seller says the ticket is one he bought for a colleague who can’t make it this year. It’s great that he wants to give another dev who missed  [Read More…]