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Obama warns against ‘absolutist views’ on encryption

President Obama was in Austin for the opening day of the South by Southwest Interactive festival, and talk turned inevitably to the current tension between law enforcement and tech companies on subjects like security and citizen privacy. The President couldn’t comment on the specific, ongoing case that has Apple and the FBI fighting over whether […]

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Apple Watch app warns when you’re nearing data limit

DataMan could be the name of a superhero, but it is instead an app that saves you from the dangers of going over your data limit. Now it has a sidekick for the Apple Watch that lets you be vigilant with a flick of the wrist. The DataMan app for the watch lets you easily […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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German neighborhood warns public urinators ‘it’s peeback time’

The people of St. Pauli in Hamburg, Germany are pissed off about being pissed on. Declaring “Peeback Time,” an anti-public urination group has coated neighborhood walls with a special chemical that will return the stream back to anyone too lazy…Read more ›

Tim Cook warns of consequences of sacrificing privacy for security

Silicon Valley’s top CEOs snubbed Obama’s appearance at Stanford today for the White House Cyber Security Summit, but Apple CEO Tim Cook used his invite to make his case for improving security. Cook addressed attendees before Obama took the stage…Read more ›

Glitter bomb service will bomb, broker warns

Like glitter itself, the story on shipyourenemiesglitter.com just won’t go away. But eventually it will and that could mean trouble for the undisclosed buyer of the website that promises to mail glitter bombs to enemies, according to a London-based broker…Read more ›

iMessage encryption will kill kids, DOJ warns

The U.S. Department of Justice has issued a chilling warning to Apple executives as a response to increased privacy protections added to iOS 8: Children might die because we can’t hack into bad guys’ iMessages. Deputy Attorney General James Cole…Read more ›

Google warns iPhone users when sites use Adobe Flash

Apple has been waging a fierce war against Flash ever since the iPhone debuted without the power to run Adobe’s battery hungry, multimedia software. Finally, seven years into the battle, Google is adding another blow by flagging Flash content in mobile…Read more ›

Spotify now lets you view play queues, and warns about duplicate songs

Shortly after updating Spotify with the ability to search for downloaded music offline, Spotify’s iOS app has just received a notable new update. Spotify now lets users view play queues on their iPhone. This can be done by tapping the…Read more ›

Samsung warns investors Q2 ‘doesn’t look too good’

  Samsung isn’t expected to announce its earnings for Q4 2014 until early July, but the company is already trying to manage expectations with investors weeks before the bad news comes that it bombed. Samsung’s CFO Lee Sang-hoon made a rare…Read more ›

DataMan Next Warns Of Data Overages, DataMan Pro Gets Hourly App Data Tracking [Daily Freebie]

dataman-next-5Two of the versions are on sale till the end of the week: The most basic version, DataMan Next, is free (from a buck); and DataMan Pro is on sale at $5, which is half off its regular $10 price. The Pro version also now reports hourly data usage by app, which pretty much makes […]

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