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Cellebrite probably wasn’t the brains behind FBI’s iPhone hack

The FBI signed a $ 15,000 contract with Israeli-tech firm Cellebrite to crack the iPhone 5c at the heart of the San Bernardino shooting investigation. However, according to a new report, Cellebrite may not have been the ones who successfully hacked the smartphone, after all. Instead, the Feds reportedly broke into the iPhone 5c with the aid of […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Woz admits Steve Jobs wasn’t always a nice guy

Steve Jobs will be remembered as much for his negative personality traits as for his marketing genius, says Steve Wozniak in a new featurette for the upcoming Steve Jobs movie. The Woz waxes nostalgic about his friend and co-founder of Apple as his interview is interspersed with scenes and quotes from the movie are Woz’s […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Londoner gets unexpected flash on iPhone, and it wasn’t from Adobe

A woman in London, in the U.K., has reported being the victim of “cyber-flashing,” after receiving two photos of a man’s genitals on her iPhone via AirDrop. “I had AirDrop switched on because I had been using it previously to send photos to another iPhone user — and a picture appeared on the screen of a […][Read More…]

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ wasn’t worth all that Spotify drama

No one has shut up about this album since it came out in October 2014. Taylor Swift’s “1989” sold over a million copies in the first week alone and continues to sell well even today, largely due to the fact…Read more ›

Hacked Apple Watch proves the web wasn’t meant for one-inch screens

Apple Watch is great at many things like checking weather, tracking fitness, or sending notifications. But when it comes to surfing the web, Apple Watch is unsurprisingly the worst device for the task. An Apple Watch version of Safari wasn’t included…Read more ›

Woz: Apple wasn’t built to sell $17,000 watches

Steve Wozniak seems to have a complex relationship with both modern-day Apple and, particularly, the Apple Watch. In an interview at the Automate/Promat Show in Chicago yesterday, Apple’s co-founder said Apple’s foray into high-end wearables marks a very different turn for the…Read more ›

Guardians of the Galaxy sneak peek proves Avengers wasn’t a fluke

Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy and why should you care? Marvel Studios gave lucky fans a nice long look at the weird team of space heroes during an extended sneak preview of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy…Read more ›

Apple-Samsung jury foreman says Google link wasn’t a factor

  For the second time in a row Samsung has been found guilty by a US court of ripping off Apple’s patents, but according to the jury foreman in the latest Apple vs Samsung case, there wasn’t a single piece…Read more ›

WTF? Ex-Apple Executive Apologize For The Original iPhone, Says It “Wasn’t Great”

Here’s a hard to believe story: one of Apple’s executives behind the original iPhone has gone so far as to apologize to anyone who bought one during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. Why? According to ex-Apple senior director…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Turkish Security Researcher Ibrahim Balic Wasn’t Likely Behind Dev Center Hack After All

Apple had to temporarily take down the Dev Center to keep its user data safe.When Apple’s Developer Center was hacked and went down last month, a Turkish security researcher by the name of Ibrahim Balic took credit for the scare. Balic claimed that he was able to get ahold of Apple ID logins, and Apple spent over a week rebuilding the Dev Center to fix whatever was specifically causing the security […]

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