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2014 was a landmark year for quality iOS games and, while we’re fully expecting to see more great titles for iPhone and iPad in 2015, it’s also clear that devs are keen to leap on the Apple Watch as soon… Read more ›

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Throwback Monday: The 20-year-old Apple Watch

The forthcoming Apple Watch may be Apple’s first tentative steps into the wearables market, but it’s not the company’s first attempt at a timepiece — as YouTube user Jonathan Morrison shows in a new video. You see, back in 1995, when… Read more ›

We still don’t have a launch date for Apple Watch, but if you can’t wait to line up at Apple Stores for Jony Ive’s timepiece, you can now do that next best thing and buy a knock off on eBay.… Read more ›

Apple Watch wins the wrist war before it starts

Ever since Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch last September, it’s been one disappointment after another as far as I’m concerned. Apple’s first wearable won’t come in the minimalist form factor of the fitness bracelets I love. Worse yet, the… Read more ›

RIP Apple: Analyst predicts doom after Apple Watch

You know that scene in a horror movie where everything seems to be good, but things are just that bit too quiet? Well, according to analyst Abhey Lamba of Mizuho Securities Apple is there right now. With the company coming… Read more ›

The whole Bendgate incident prompted Apple to release some details about its own internal stress-testing policies for new iPhones. It’s unlikely that anyone at Cupertino carries out iPhone stress-testing quite to the degree of YouTube user TechRax, however. Masquerading as a… Read more ›

Apple Watch shows up on the arm of mystery man

We’ve known for a while now that a fortunate few people with close ties to Apple have been testing the Apple Watch in the wild, but this may be our best glimpse yet. Posted on Instagram by Vogue international editor Suzy Menkes,… Read more ›

Can’t wait to get your hands on the Apple Watch? Well, tough, you’ll have to. But if you’d just like to play around with the interface, we can help you out, thanks to this new online Apple Watch simulator. Created… Read more ›