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Why the Apple Watch is keeping me awake at night

No gadget ever caused me to lose as much sleep as the Apple Watch. I wish I could forget about Apple’s shiny new smartwatch, but the damned thing has me under its spell. It’s the curse of Cupertino, and I’m… Read more ›

Headaches await if you break your Apple Watch

What happens when you try to get a broken Apple Watch repaired? Not much of anything! I know this because my Apple Watch broke last week and I have a repair order pending. Luckily, the watch is covered by Apple’s… Read more ›

Manufacturer denies Apple Watch production problems

Quanta’s vice chairman has seemingly denied rumors that the Apple Watch has low yield rates, and that Apple was so upset about it that it’s considered outsourcing orders to other manufacturers. In fact, according to him, Apple Watch production is no… Read more ›

Why the Chinese military is frightened of the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is expected to do big things in China — with even the high-end Apple Watch Edition selling out within its first hour of preorders in the country — but one place the company’s debut wearable device won’t… Read more ›

Is the Apple Watch too easy for thieves to swipe and wipe?

Your shiny new Apple Watch? It’s a lot more vulnerable to being stolen than you might know. Jeff Benjamin over at the iDownload Blog makes a great point: Apple Watch security is a step backward for Apple when it comes… Read more ›

Jeb Bush thinks Apple Watch can replace Obamacare

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush hasn’t officially announced that he’s running for office, but he’s already hitting the campaign trail and he’s brining his Apple Watch with him. In Tempe Arizona today, Jeb held a town hall meeting at the Chamber… Read more ›

Watch a Galaxy S6 edge get obliterated by a Desert Eagle

We don’t normally approve of the destruction of perfectly good gadgets just for the sake of it, but we’re willing to make an exception for this awesome video from Unbox Therapy, which shows a brand new Galaxy S6 edge being completely… Read more ›

Here’s what your Apple Watch can do with nothing but Wi-Fi

Your Apple Watch doesn’t need an iPhone to make it whole. The new wearable is capable of performing a variety of tasks without a tether to your phone. All it needs is a connection to a familiar Wi-Fi network, and… Read more ›

Banish storage-hogging apps from your Apple Watch

My Apple Watch says that I’ve used 1 GB of storage space, with 5.2 GB left over and available. As those two numbers reverse, I’ll want to start looking at which apps are taking up the most space on my… Read more ›

How to control third-party camera apps with Apple Watch

The remote camera shutter and viewfinder is one of the most useful Apple Watch features, but there’s just one problem: It only works with the default camera app. Apple hasn’t opened up the remote shutter API to developers yet, however,… Read more ›