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Watch 880 iPhones Dance Like Fireflies In The Sky [Video]

This is hypnotic. Crowdflow.net tracked the movement of 880 iPhones through Europe in 2011 and then put together this video, showing where they ended up. The results look like stars swirling in a nebula, or bioluminescent plankton mating in the ink black sea. [via GigaOm]

Watch The Weird Effect Caused By The iPhone’s Camera In These Guitar Strings [Video]

Here’s something quick and eyebrow-raising to boot this morning. A YouTube guitarist puts an iPhone 4 inside his instrument to capture some rarely seen footage of how the strings oscillate. The awesome effect is further amplified thanks to the way the iPhone 4?s shutter works, he explains in a video description: I just happened upon this trick when testing what it was like filming from inside my guitar. Note this effect is due to the rolling shutter, which is non-representative of how  [Read More…]

[GIVEAWAY] The iPod Nano Watch Showdown

Everybody’s heard Jobs tell the story of an Apple board member who saw the new Nano with the clock app and wanted to wear it as a wrist watch. Forget that he probably already had a perfectly good iPhone in his pocket and two clock displays in his BMW. That’s not the point really. Today, a watch is much more of a statement of fashion than a necessity for being on time. And what greater  [Read More…]

How To Watch The Royal Wedding Live On Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

The wedding of the year (well, apart from mine!) is just hours away. Millions upon millions will be watching the Royal wedding live on TV, but what if you’re unlucky enough to be out of the house when the big event takes place? Don’t worry, Redmond Pie has got your back, thanks to YTLive.

If YTLive rings a bell that’s because we told you about it last week. With YouTube launching  [Read More…]

Watch YouTube Live Streaming Video On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

When YouTube launched its YouTube Live service, the prospect of watching live streamed video from all our favorite content providers excited us all. There was just one problem though – YouTube’s Live streaming was very much a Flash affair, leaving us iOS fans out of luck. But as is usually the case though, there’s now an app for that.

Well, a web app to be exact.

YTLive promises to  [Read More…]

Watch Apple’s iPad 2 Media Event : Streaming Online

Click the image to open in full size. So you missed all the big announcements at the Media Event? Don’t fret, Apple has just posted the streaming video of the event online for your viewing pleasure. If you haven’t heard, Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance at the event and as usual hosted the keynote. Things discussed at the Keynote: Apple Releases iTunes 10.2 Apple Announces iPad 2: A5 Dual Core, 2 Cameras, Thinner  [Read More…]

Rumor Watch: iPad 2 Carbon Fiber Body Suspected But Not Confirmed

Click the image to open in full size. A runaway rumor being taken as reality by some today is that the iPad 2 will sport a carbon fiber body shell instead of an aluminum encasing in an effort by Apple to make the tablet lighter and sleeker. But as John Gruber of Daring Fireball cautions, there is no concrete evidence to chalk this feature up as a given in the same way we can  [Read More…]